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Spectacularly set in a mountain valley blanketed with cute Monopoly houses, Sarajevo is a sight to behold. Though now synonymous with sectarian strife, for centuries the city was a model of cooperation and harmony, and today Sarajevo is the delightful product of this rich history. The Ottoman-style Old Town feels transplanted from Istanbul. Then you'll turn a corner and suddenly feel lost in an almost Viennese cityscape. Though torn by war two decades ago, Sarajevo is now a comfortable and safe place to visit. Listen to the Muslim call to prayer and Catholic and Orthodox church bells playfully jostle above the characteristic lanes of a bazaar-like marketplace. Ponder the scars of war, hunch over to squeeze through the tunnel that was the besieged Sarajevans' lifeline to the world, and listen to a Sarajevan relate personal stories from the harrowing time of the siege. Then relax in a café with a cup of Bosnian coffee or nibble on some of the best bureks (savory, flaky pies) this side of the Bosphorus. Go ahead — it's OK to enjoy Sarajevo.