Travel Column Frequently Asked Questions

Who can run Rick's travel column?

Any print or online media outlet is eligible.

What do media sources need to do to run Rick's column?

  • To begin running Rick's column, contact Ashley Sytsma, Publicist, at or 425-608-4293 to receive permission.
  • Each printed article must include Rick's byline.
  • We recommend you print Rick's headshot to increase viewer awareness.
  • Rick reserves all rights to his content.

Do media sources need to run Rick's travel column regularly?

We recommend you treat Rick's column as any other syndicated content run by your media outlet — this just happens to be free. We suggest you run the column weekly, but this is not a requirement.

Can media sources get exclusive rights to the material in their circulation area?

We will consider this on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Ashley Sytsma, Publicist, at or 425-608-4293 with requests.

How often will a new article be posted?

A new article will be posted weekly on Monday.

How current is the information in past articles?

All archived articles are up-to-date with current travel information. Media sources can run any article confident that the content is up-to-date.

What are "special interest" articles?

Special interest articles are extra content available for publication by media sources. These articles may be longer travel features or unrelated to travel.

What are the specs for each article?

Each article is around 750 words and paired with a high-resolution color travel photo. A high-resolution headshot of Rick is available to download in black & white or in color.

How do I find an article on a particular subject or region?

From the main menu in the footer of this website, under "Media Partners," you may browse articles by region at the bottom of the page. There are 12 regions & topics: Belgium & The Netherlands; Eastern Europe; European Travel Skills; France; General Europe; Germany, Austria & Switzerland; Great Britain & Ireland; Greece & Turkey; Italy; Scandinavia & Baltics; Spain, Portugal & Morocco; and Special Interest. New articles first appear under "Recently Posted Articles" and then are categorized accordingly.

How do I download the images and article?

Once you have found an article you would like to use, simply click on the article name. The article, image and caption will be displayed.

To download, use the links on the top of the page for "Download Article, "Download Photo," and "Download Rick's Headshot."

You can either click the link to open the article (.doc) or the high-resolution image (.jpg) in the appropriate software. Or, you can right-click on the link and 'save target as' and save each file accordingly.

What is the size of the image?

The image files are all 300 dpi JPEGs saved with the highest quality compression. The size of the final photo shown is roughly 2MB.

For further questions or technical issues, please email Ashley Sytsma or call 425-608-4293.