• Hallstatt

Germany, Austria & Switzerland Classes

Alpine Europe

We'll meander through the mountains and meadows of Europe's majestic Alps, which stretch from France to Slovenia, exploring the villages and trails of Chamonix, Zermatt, the Bernese Oberland, Hallstatt, the Dolomites, Bled, and more.

Austrian Highlights

Enjoy a virtual tour through Austria's top sights. We'll explore elegant Vienna — a hub for European culture and history — before stopping in the vineyard-lined Danube Valley. From there, it's on to the delightfully compact and musical Salzburg, the storybook lakeside village of Hallstatt, and highlights from Tirol.

Berlin, Prague & Vienna

We'll explore the heart of historic Europe in Berlin's world-class museums, significant historical sites, and lively nightlife; Prague's beautifully preserved architecture, music-festival atmosphere, and world-renowned beers; and Vienna's Art Nouveau buildings, outrageously decadent desserts, and classy cafe culture.

Germany, Austria & Switzerland

We'll tour the scenic heart of Europe, including the poetic Rhine, Romantic Road, Bavaria's fantasy castles and favorite beers, Mozart's Salzburg, the blue Danube, stately Vienna, and the Alpine wonderland of Heidi's Switzerland in Appenzell and the Berner Oberland.


Switzerland is one of Europe's richest, best organized, most diverse and expensive countries. We'll help you understand more about this very traditional land as we explore the breathtaking alpine scenery of Switzerland's Alps, cruise Lake Geneva, and experience the other Swiss lakes and villages.