Program 312: Derry Celebrates; Trendy East London; Coastal Croatia

Release Date: 01-12-2013

On Air Description

The Irish are anticipating a banner year for tourismespecially in Derry, in the North. They're gearing up to be this year's "U-K City of Culture." On this week's Travel with Rick Steves, we'll find out how concerts and the arts are uniting the Irish.

We'll also hear how London's working class East End is becoming a trendy scene for colorful shops and a good curry dinner. And we'll hear how an American family explored the beaches of Croatia as if it was their second home.

It's a good time to explore the world, with Travel with Rick Steves.


  • Stephen McPhilemy, tour guide based in Derry, Northern Ireland
  • Will Hide, travel writer based in London
  • Jennifer Wilson, author of "Running Away to Home" (St. Martin's Press)

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  • Traveling to London with fiance and "still trying to find a good budget accommodation in a fun, young area that's still close to the central city. What neighborhoods are good for young couples wanting the London experience?"  (Cora in Eugene, Oregon)

Incidental Music

  • James Galway, "Danny Boy," The Celtic Minstrel / RCA Victor
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Dated References

  • The segment A interview, and the billboard, refer to "this year's" special activities in Derry, in particular, the "U.K. City of Culture" observances. The billboard and open to segment A also note that the city "was once emblematic of the Irish Troubles."
  • The billboard and open to segment A note that London's East End is becoming a trendy neighborhood. In the open to the segment B interview, the point is made that this is influenced by the renovations made for last year's Olympics venues there.
  • At 9:57, Stephen says that 2013 is probably the biggest year ever for tourism in Ireland, and predicts that the U.K. City of Culture designation for Derry will cause visitor numbers to spike. Events will include the Turner Prize modern art exhibition, the Royal Ballet, and an exhibition about St. Columba. At 11:43, Rick notes it is also the 400th anniversary of English settlement in Derry, and the construction of the city's wall.
  • Stephen describes, starting at 12:31, how the newly-built pedestrian Peace Bridge is working as part of an EU-sponsored "Shared Space" initiative.
  • At 17:15, Rick and Stephen talk about the new two-hour Bullet Train between Dublin and Belfast.
  • At 17:48, Stephen mentions a music festival in August that will be the largest in Derry's history.
  • Will explains at 21:29 that lower rents in London's East End, particularly in the area around Red Church Street, allows local non-chain stores to compete. Rick notes at 22:43 that Starbucks "has taken London by storm" as an alternative to the pub scene.
  • At 24:02, Will says you can now get an Australian-style "flat white" at all Starbucks in London.
  • Caller Cora says she's going on a European backpacking trip "this summer' at 25:47. Will tells her at 26:50 that one-way cash-fare on the London subway is "about £4.30, or roughly US$6," without the Oyster discount card.
  • At 27:25 he describes a new low-cost hotel chain called Tune where double rooms can go for around £35 a night, "or about US$50." Will then suggests the Hoxton Hotel near Old Street for hotel deals in a lively area.
  • At 29:19 Rick says the London subway lines are expanding to the East, which Will then describes for getting to places like Shoreditch and the curry shops on Brick Lane and at Whitechapel.
  • Will says, at 32:15, that Old Compton Street is the heart of London's gay community. At 32:50, Will tells Rick that Brixton is not as dangerous as it was 20 years ago when Rick was mugged there. At 33:38, Will says the Docklands and Canary Wharf have not yet caught on as a trendy destination, outside of downtown business hours.
  • Jennifer says her family explored Istria "in the winter" at 43:40, when there were rarely any other tourists. At 53:54, Rick asks her to describe what the town of Rovinj was like in the winter.