Program 266a: Sojourning Further; Being Human; Turkish Nomads

Release Date: 11-23-2013

On Air Description

A preacher, a biologist, and a granddaughter of Turkish nomads.

They each bring us perspectives on how people the world over are really all part of the same family - no matter if they live in a suburban bungalow, or a goat hair tent.  

On this week's Travel with Rick Steves, Rick checks in with Reverend Jim Wallis, and with "The Darwinian Tourist," to discover what they've learned from their travels to far away lands. 

We'll also hear how life is changing for nomadic sheep herders in Turkey. 

See what the far corners of the world can teach us, on Travel with Rick Steves.

Notes to Stations

This is a re-edit of Program #266, which first aired Nov 12, 2011.

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  • Rev. Jim Wallis, CEO of the non-profit organization Sojourners, and author of "Rediscovering Values:  A Guide for Economic and Moral Recovery" (Howard Books)
  • Christopher Wills, Professor of Biological Sciences and member of the Center for Molecular Genetics at the University of California San Diego, and author of "The Darwinian Tourist"  (Oxford Univ. Press)
  • Ayşegül Ünlü, tour guide from Turkey
  • Dispatch from Portugal filed by bicycle adventurer Willie Weir

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Incidental Music

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Dated References

  • At 9:27, Rick notes that Jim Wallis "has been on President Obama's spiritual advisory group."
  • At 14:28, Jim Wallis says Iran is the only actual "theocractic" government in the world right now.
  • In discussing the problems with human trafficking at 17:37, Jim Wallis says "there are more women and children in economic slavery today than when William Wilberforce freed the slaves in Britain 200 years ago."
  • Christopher Wills says, starting at 27:10, that the San people, who were pushed into Africa's Kalahari Desert by other groups, are "beginning to fight back" to gain political power.
  • Rick notes there are 30 to 40 million members of nomadic groups remaining in the world, in his segment C intro at 40:42.
  • At 45:36, Ayşegül says the Turkish government does not exert pressures on nomads, per se, due to their small population, but precedes that comment by noting they are thought of as being similar to gypsies. She adds at 48:20 that nomads aren't organized politically, and their numbers are dwindling, since people are leaving for cities to educate their children and seek other modern economic opportunities.
  • Ayşegül tells Rick at 51:17 that she was shopping today for a snowboarding outfit and equipment. They then briefly discuss the recent development of ski resort areas in Turkey.

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