Program 362: Disappearing Places and Art in Place in the Americas; Sacred New Mexico

Release Date: 04-19-2014

On Air Description

Some of the world's most impressive art was designed to be part of the place where you see it. On the next Travel with Rick Steves, we'll look at the many options you have for viewing site-specific art in the Americas. We'll also learn about heritage sites in Latin America and Iberia that have been added to the World Monuments Fund "Watch List" of endangered places. And we'll explore the many types of quiet "sacred places" you can find scattered across the dramatic landscapes in the state of New Mexico. 

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  • Norma Barbacci, Latin America and Iberia coordinator for the World Monuments Fund
  • Amanda Renshaw, editor of "Art and Place:  Site Specific Art of the Americas"  (Phaedon)
  • Christina Nealson, author of "New Mexico's Sanctuaries, Retreats, and Sacred Places" (Wildwords), and "Drive Me Wild: A Western Odyssey" (Wildwords)

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  • Caller recommends the art deco murals and sculptures at Fair Park in Dallas, created for the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition, and Philadelphia's Magic Gardens mosaics on South Street.  "Words can hardly describe this ever-evolving artwork! The colors, textures, creativity, humor, and love that exude from these mosaics are both delightful and awe-inspiring. And it's a work that the whole family can enjoy."    (Nicole in Dallas)
  • "The murals in Guadalajara, Mexico opened my eyes to the power of political art.  What place does Jose Clemente Orozco hold in the history of this vibrant expression of place and point of view?"   (Syd in Atlanta)
  • "Each of New Mexico's cultures has its own sacred places and rituals, but what are your thoughts on how the cultures have influenced each other?"   (Diane in Santa Fe)   
  • "I love New Mexico and am anxious to learn about the sacred places there.  I have a place in Ruidoso, New Mexico and am fascinated by the state's historic sites, including petroglyphs."   (Barbara in Wimberley, Texas) 

Incidental Music

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Dated References

  • The segment A interview features historic sites included on the 2014 "Watch List" issued by the World Monuments Fund.  Among the sites discussed, Rick notes at 9:47 that he was "just in Sevilla" and noticed people mourning a modern highrise being added to the historic city's skyline.