Hi from Rick: More Fun on the Run

Dear Traveler,

For 30 years, my passion has been to give you the information — well-designed, practical, up-to-date, and savvy — to travel smartly. Content has always been king here. So it's with great pride and a few goose bumps that I invite you to explore our all-new ricksteves.com website. It's now state-of-the-art — perfect for connecting you with the knowledge you need to put together a great trip.

The new ricksteves.com — a year in the making — has been a huge investment in time and money, guided by my talented web-tech-marketing staff in partnership with the creative, head-of-the-class team at Seattle's Garrigan Lyman Group. What could have been a very bumpy ride turned out to be more like a well-planned trip to a new destination. It's an adventure that leaves us satisfied, energized and ready for more.

My old website — which worked like a cluttered room of overflowing filing cabinets — has been transformed into a tidy collection of 25,000 web pages that feels much smaller and cleaner, simply because it's so much easier to get to the information you need. Want to learn about Tuscany? Drill into Explore Europe — or use our new search tool — and now you'll find all my articles on Tuscany's best places, my TV shows (full-length, streaming for free), streaming radio shows, audio tours, guidebooks, bus tours, rail passes and links to the most recent forum posts — all right there.

But this brilliant reorganization isn't the coolest thing. That word is reserved for our new site's "responsive design" — its ability to adapt the content and navigation to fit whatever device you're using. Whether you pull up ricksteves.com on a desktop, iPad, a smaller tablet, or a smartphone, everything is now easy to read, watch and navigate. Like good travel, our website is now fun on the run.

You'll get a tour of our new website in this month's Travel News, along with articles on taking kids to Europe, the classy side of Milan, a little time-tripping through Old York, and my featured video on cruising the Rhine.

For years I've referred to guidebooks as $20 tools for $3,000 travel experiences. I invite you to use the new ricksteves.com in the same way. Only it's far more than a guidebook...and entirely free. Enjoy the trip!

Happy travels,