Rick's Rail Riders Fight Hunger

This year Rick Steves' Europe has equipped 30 travelers with Eurail Global Passes for their upcoming trips — and together we've raised $27,750 to fight hunger worldwide. Over the past ten years this unique charity program has raised more than $300,000 for Bread for the World.

This initiative has grown out of a "sales perk" of free rail passes that Rick Steves' Europe gets from Rail Europe for being a leading rail-pass seller. Instead of handing these passes out to his staff, we see this as an opportunity for a few customers to get an exceptional deal on passes — and have 100% of their purchase cost go directly to a charity. Last month Rick offered the latest batch of 30 passes (each one regularly priced about $1250) for free to the first 30 travelers who sent donation checks of $925, each made out to Bread for the World.

Rick Steves and his staff have been longtime supporters of Bread for the World, a collective Christian voice urging our nation's decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad by addressing the root causes of poverty.

In Rick's own words, "As our government's budget gets squeezed, it puts at risk programs that are vital to the homeless, hungry and ‘working poor' struggling to feed and educate their children, and to keep them healthy. I've walked with Bread for the World staffers in the halls of Congress, and I am impressed with the dogged and effective campaign they wage to educate people on how our government's decisions affect hungry and homeless people, here and around the world. They excel at working with Congress to pass legislation addressing these issues. Historically, each and every dollar given to Bread for the World generates more than $100 in aid to hungry people. That's why I've always been enthusiastic about giving out rail passes to travelers as thanks for generously supporting Bread's work."

Thank you to all our rail-riding travelers over the past decade who have pitched in to help Bread for the World accomplish so much.