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Project Concern International

Donation: $150,000

Project Concern International (PCI) provides communities in the developing world with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty and contribute less to climate change. Our donation will allow PCI to supply carbon-efficient cookstoves in Guatemala, begin reforestation efforts, improve the region's food security, and give local women the tools to ensure the project's long-term success.

Why They're Climate Smart

In the dry western highlands of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, families prepare food over traditional open fires, consuming far more wood than would be necessary with a modern stove. Cooking this way not only results in greater deforestation, it also results in greater carbon emissions and causes families smoke-related health problems.

With this funding, PCI will provide families with clean, efficient cookstoves, which will lower carbon emissions by 50 percent or more and dramatically reduce firewood-related deforestation and smoke-related health problems. (Did you know that one stove can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by the equivalent of 10 round-trip flights between the US and Europe?) PCI will also start the reforesting process by providing tree seedlings, and increase food security by building drought-resistant, water-conserving gardens.

Then, to ensure these communities thrive for years to come, PCI will put women at the center of the program. Local women entrepreneurs will be trained to launch, supply, and manage the program, while others will be trained to create environmentally sustainable, health-promoting businesses. In its entirety, this climate-smart program will create food stability, provide economic opportunity, and stem the need for migration.

You can learn about and support PCI by donating.

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