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Project Concern International

2020-21 Donation: $70,000
Donations to Date: $225,000

Project Concern International (PCI, a Global Communities Partner) provides communities in the developing world with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty and contribute less to climate change. Our donations allow PCI to supply carbon emission reducing, fuel-efficient cookstoves in Guatemala, begin reforestation efforts, improve the region's food security, and give local women the tools to ensure the project''s long-term success.

Why They're Climate Smart

In the dry western highlands of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, families prepare food over traditional open fires, consuming far more wood than would be necessary with a modern stove. Cooking this way not only results in greater deforestation, it also results in greater carbon emissions and causes families smoke-related health problems.

Through the Climate Smart Communities program, PCI provides families with clean, efficient cookstoves, which lower carbon emissions by at least 50 percent, and dramatically reduce firewood-related deforestation and smoke-related health problems. (One stove can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by the equivalent of 10 round-trip flights between the US and Europe.) PCI also provides tree seedlings for reforestation, improves sanitation practices by installing water filters and latrines, and increases food security by building drought-resistant, water-conserving gardens.

Then, to ensure these communities thrive for years to come, PCI puts women at the center of the effort. Local women are trained to use and maintain efficient stoves, plant trees for renewable firewood and promote household health with eco-friendly latrines and water filters which don’t require firewood for boiling. Taken together, these initiatives create safer and healthier households that consume less firewood and are directly involved in stemming deforestation.

Why They Receive Our Continued Support

Over the past year, PCI secured funding for USAID Emergency Food Security Programs intended to help vulnerable households suffering from the combined effects of drought and COVID-19. With our donation, PCI will be able to enroll these households into Climate Smart Communities and provide more than 160 additional cookstoves, eliminate 6,850 tons of carbon emissions, replant more than 6,500 trees, and save roughly 11,200 cubic meters of wood.

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