Travel with Rick Steves Fundraiser Modules: Details and Rundowns

Released October 8, 2013


This set of Travel with Rick Steves fundraiser modules will provide you with an hour's worth of material, including a billboard and three modules, plus time for up to four local pitch breaks of roughly five minutes each.

At the end of each module, Rick pitches the value of supporting public radio. This will minimize the need for your local announcers to do likewise, and allows you to get to the calls to action right away in your local breaks.

Rick opens the second and third modules in each hour with a brief reference to thank listeners for "doing your part" during the just-concluded pitch break.

If you're pitching the Rick Steves premium package, there are separate pitch spots you can insert in your local breaks to let Rick sell the contents of those packages.

There are also links to additional modules from prior Travel with Rick Steves fundraisers, which you can use if you wish to use additional material.

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Rick Steves Fundraiser Premium Packages

The thank you gifts in the Rick Steves fundraising premium packages are designed to be offered for contributions of either $60, $90, or $180. Station wholesale costs are low, and you only need to order as many sets of premiums as you will need to fulfill the pledges you received during the fundraiser.

Stations who have used these packages during their fundraising for Travel with Rick Steves have easily exceeded their goals for the hour by a wide margin. It works, so it's worth convincing your development director to offer the Rick Steves premium package, and make Travel with Rick Steves work even harder for your station.

Rick has voiced two versions of the pitches for these premium packages. You can include one of Rick's premium pitches in the middle of your local pitch breaks, or directly at the end of each module, before you start your local pitching. He describes the various premium packages, and the contribution levels.

Some stations have also offered the Rick Steves premium package as a special Rick Steves-themed incentive during their local talk shows, and even during Morning Edition, with remarkably strong results.

Get details about ordering the current package of Rick Steves fundraising premiums.

Airing the Travel with Rick Steves Fundraiser Material

The following rundown give you a plan for airing the latest Travel with Rick Steves fundraiser modules. We give suggested start times for each segment, in order to time out correctly to one full hour. We recommend opening with the Billboard, even if you're going to go directly to the first module, so that it sounds like the weekly program, and to let Rick create an enthusiastic air of anticipation for what will air in the hour ahead.

If you're offering the Rick Steves premium package, alternate Rick's premium pitches during your local pitch breaks.

Rick has also recorded a short generic fundraising pitch (i.e., without mentioning premiums) that you can use in your local pitch breaks during Travel with Rick Steves. This might work best as part of your final pitch break. It can also be used as a quick pitch from Rick during other fundraising programming.

You can also contact producer Tim Tattan or phone him at 425-608-4234 for help identifying potential clean cutaway breaks for local fundraising pitches during any of the weekly editions of Travel with Rick Steves.

Travel with Rick Steves Public Radio Fundraiser — Rundown

Released October 2013

This rundown includes the first part of the network newscast (or a short pitch break after the billboard), and includes three modules It will time out to one hour, and allows for three local pitch breaks of roughly five minutes each, plus an optional "opening pitch," instead of a shortened newscast.


Run Time Segment (Length)
00:00 - 01:00



outQ: (theme music out)

01:00 - 04:00

NPR or BBC Newscast I, or Local Pitch


Insert part one of the hourly newscast, or do a short local pitch. Or, you can skip the newscast, move the rest of the modules up earlier and change the segment start times accordingly, to give you additional time for local pitching later in the hour.

04:00- 18:28

Module A
"Enjoying French Wine; The Eurovision Song Contest"


  • Paris-based wine expert Olivier Magny
  • Amsterdam-based journalist Jonathan Groubert

inQ: "When's the last time you caught yourself saying..."

outQ: "Thank you so much for helping public radio be strong, during this special membership campaign." (music out)


Music Credits:

  • F. Barcellini, "Quel Temps Fait-il a Paris?," Music from the Films of Jacques Tati / Phillips-PolyGram (France)
  • Joris Teepe, "Going Dutch," Going Dutch / Twinz Records
  • Funkhaus, "Funkhaus Soul," Berlin Lounge-Berlin By Day (collection) / Wagram (France)
  • Andy Narell, "We Kinda Music," Little Secrets / Windham Hill Jazz

Local Pitch Break


Include Rick Steves' Premium Pitch A in this break if you are offering the Rick Steves premium package (2:19)


Module B
"Adventures on the Inca Trail; Rock & Roll Roadtrips"


  • Travel writer Carolina Miranda
  • Travel writer Richard Reid

inQ: "Thanks for being an important part of public radio . ."

outQ: "'re making public radio strong, right here in your community. Thank you so much." (music out)


Music Credits:

  • Los Incas, "Tema de Maimara," Native American Odyssey (collection) / Putumayo
  • David Byrne, "Zapateo en menor (hidden track)," Afro-Peruvian Classics: The Soul of Black Peru (collection) / Luaka Bop
  • Dave "Baby" Cortez, "Rinky Dink," Chess Pieces: The Very Best of Chess, disc 1 (collection) / Chess
  • Mark Isham, "Men Before the Mirror," Vapor Drawings / Windham Hill
  • John Williams, "The American Process," Lincoln (soundtrack) / Sony Classical

Local Pitch Break



Include Rick Steves' Premium Pitch B in this break if you are offering the Rick Steves premium package (1:23)

45:00 -54:04

Module C

"Voyaging to the source of the Nile River"


Guest: Actress Joanna Lumley


inQ: "Thanks again for doing your part during this important fundraising campaign."

outQ: "Thank you for supporting public radio." (music fade)


Music Credits:

  • Orient Expressions, "Lodos," Divan / DoubleMoon (Turkey)
  • Balkanika, "Korana," Buddha Bar VIII (collection) / George V Records (France)
  • Katia and Marielle Labeque, "Voliere" from "Le Carnival des Animaux (Saint-Saens)," Carnival! (various artists) / The Rainforest Foundation / RCA Victor
  • Jean-Luc Ponty, "In Spiritual Love," Individual Choice / Atlantic

Local Pitch Break


Repeat one of Rick Steves' premium pitches if you are offering the Rick Steves premium package.


Music Credits in Premium Pitches:

  • Bela Fleck, "Keyboard Sonata in C Major," Creating the Perfect Atmosphere (sampler) / Sony Classics
  • Michelle Sell, "Arroyo," Secret Harbor / Sugo Music
  • GaGaElectriX, "Get Down," On The Beat / (self-released)

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Download Travel with Rick Steves Fundraiser Segments

For use October 2013 through October 2014

  .MP3 files .MP2 files
Billboard (1:00) billboard.mp3 billboard.mp2
Module A (14:28) module-a.mp3 module-a.mp2
Module B (16:49) module-b.mp3 module-b.mp2
Module C (9:04) module-c.mp3 module-c.mp2

Premium Pitch A

(vox only) (2:18)

premiumpitchA_vox.mp3 premiumpitchA_vox.mp2

Premium Pitch A

(mixed) (2:19)

premiumpitchA_mixed.mp3 premiumpitchA_mixed.mp2

Premium Pitch B

(vox only) (1:23)

premiumpitchB_vox.mp3 premiumpitchB_vox.mp2

Premium Pitch B

(mixed) (1:23)

premiumpitchB_mixed.mp3 premiumpitchB_mixed.mp2

Rick's Stand-Alone Pitch

(vox only) (:33)

stand-alone-pitch-vox.mp3 stand-alone-pitch-vox.mp2

Rick's Stand-Alone Pitch

(mixed) (:33)

stand-alone-pitch-mixed.mp3 stand-alone-pitch-mixed.mp2

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