Video: Best of Europe in 14 Days Tour

Dreaming of how to pack Europe's top travel thrills and cultural treats into a vacation that's fun for you — and for your teenager? You've found it! Our #1-selling tour for families with teens will treat you to the art treasures of Paris, followed by a hearty taste of Burgundy, a hike in the majestic Swiss Alps, festive Bavaria, the romantic canals of Venice, Renaissance Florence, a countryside stay in Tuscany, the must-see sights of Rome — and chances to connect with Europeans like you never thought possible. (1 min)

Be there: Families with teens love traveling on our Best of Europe in 14 Days tour.

Make it three weeks: Experience all these destinations — plus Amsterdam, Germany's Rhine, and Italy's Cinque Terre — on our Best of Europe in 21 Days tour.

Got pre-teens? Families with teens and younger siblings (age 8+) are welcome on our Family Europe Tours and My Way® European Vacations.