Raves About Touring in Summer

Warm days, long evenings, and a festive air everywhere make summer touring in Europe a delight. It's not too late to nab a seat on some of our most popular summer tours. Where should you go? Take it from them...


"The beauty of Switzerland was overwhelming! The small town of Mürren was a perfect location to see the mountain views from the Schilthorn as well as hiking to the Lauterbrumen valley. The second "wow" moment was our stay in Hallstadt. Incredible beauty! Our tour was enhanced by 14 days of perfect weather! Only five drops of rain"

— Gwynn in Burlington, VT — Best of Germany, Austria & Switzerland in 14 Days Tour

"Seeing the Colosseum in Rome was more than I had ever imagined. Our local guide, Francesca, made the place come to life with her stories. She didn't just give statistics and facts, she transported us to another time when the Colosseum was alive with activity...an experience that was much more than I ever anticipated."

— Lisa in Coleridge, NE — Heart of Italy in 9 Days Tour

"To celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, I carried my wife up the 99 stairs to the church on the island of Lake Bled, Slovenia, to the surprise and amazement of the group, the guide, my wife, and — most of all — myself!"

— Ted in Portland, OR — Best of Eastern Europe in 16 Days Tour

"Every day had a 'wow' moment. The nighttime boat ride on the Seine was amazing. Seeing the Eiffel Tower around the corner of our hotel — also amazing. Our first night on the rooftop terrace of a restaurant as night fell over Paris and the Eiffel Tower lit up and twinkled — oooh la la!"

— Nancy in Millstone Township, NJ — Best of Paris in 7 Days Tour

"I loved the cooking demonstration in Tuscany. I had asked them to put a candle on Jeremy's dessert that night (it was his 13th birthday). The owner and chef came out with a home-made cake with 13 candles. It was so unexpected. Our tour group gave him a card that everyone signed and sang him happy birthday. The sweet and amazing people were my biggest 'wow' moment."

— Terra in Durango, CO — Best of Europe in 14 Days Tour

"Opening the window of our room in Varenna and looking out over the calm, blue waters of Lake Como took my breath away. Standing on the shore in Monterosso looking out over the Mediterranean Sea was truly amazing. The approach to Assisi was beautiful, but not as much as the view from Assisi itself once we were there at the top."

— Margaret in Seffner, FL — My Way® Italy in 13 Days Tour

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