Raves About Rick Steves’ France Tours

France offers more diversity than any other nation in Europe. It's a rich tapestry of man-made and natural wonders, earth-shaking history, intense cultural pride, tasty cuisine, and an undeniable joie de vivre. What better place to travel with a great guide? Take it from our tour members: Each of our tours in France — from the majesty of Paris to the villages of Provence — comes filled with unforgettable experiences…

Inside the abbey of Mont St-Michel, France

"Our favorite 'wow' moment was climbing the many steps to the abbey at Mont St-Michel to hear the monks chant their early morning prayers — made special because of the solitude of the moment, several hours before thousands of day-visitors to St-Michel arrived. Spending the night on Mont St-Michel, with just us Rick Steves travelers, was super special!"

— John in Leesburg, VA — Paris & the Heart of France in 11 Days Tour

"On our Seine river boat cruise, as we passed under one of the last bridges, the Eiffel Tower revealed itself to us, bathed in lights, on a truly beautiful evening in Paris. I will never forget it. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I was sitting next to our guide by chance, and at that moment, I think I fell in love with Paris — and with him! Truly a 'wow' moment that I will never forget."

— Victoria in Lansdale, PA — Best of Paris in 7 Days Tour

"As has been the case with my other Rick Steves trips, this tour was terrific! Our guide was so pleasant, funny, and knowledgeable. The other tour members were all friendly and great to get to know. The itinerary was well thought out, and I am impressed by how much more I now know about the history, art, politics, geography, food — and WINE — of France. It made me want to visit more of France next year!"

— Tim in Roseville, MN — Loire to the South of France in 13 Days Tour

Grand Balcon Nord, Chamonix, France

"One 'wow' had to be Chamonix — seeing the views of Mont Blanc and the surrounding snowy Alps after stepping off the gondola at nearly 13,000 ft. To us flat-landers, it was totally amazing on a sunny, blue-sky day with gorgeous scenic views. Another was the Cotes du Rhone region, where the winery owners treated our group to a lovely picnic lunch under their linden shade trees, overlooking the vineyards, after a wine tasting and tour of the winery. Beautiful!"

— Helen in Houston, TX — Best of Eastern France in 14 Days Tour

"At the start our guide told us that this tour would allow us to experience the 'real' France — and she was right. We traveled through the heart of the country, and the My Way freedom gave me the time to immerse myself in each town. I loved taking leisurely walks through the old cities, coming upon surprises, and choosing my own activities. An excellent experience!"

— Gordon from El Paso, TX — My Way® France in 13 Days Tour