Thursday Nights at Rick's Travel Center

Rick's Travel Center is a great place to hang out on Thursday nights! Stop by for free refreshments, soak up some travel know-how and talk to our travel experts.

Join us for free travel classes, special deals on travel gear and other fun activities every Thursday night from 5 – 8 p.m. at the Europe Through the Back Door Travel Center in Edmonds, WA.

Free Travel Classes

Every Thursday evening (and Saturday) we offer free classes on a variety of travel topics and European destinations. Join us and get inspired!

Free Refreshments

Sip a drink and soak up some travel know-how in our comfy, 1000-volume travelers' library and DVD viewing area.

Free Wi-Fi and Travel Library

Start planning your trip with the help of our many books, magazines and maps.

Special Travel Gear Deals

Enjoy Thursday-only discounts on Rick's travel gear, guidebooks and DVDs.

Trip Consulting

Sign-up for a one-on-one trip planning session with our travel experts.