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In this exciting two-hour adventure, join Rick Steves to experience the very best of Spain — with prancing horses, flamenco festivals, paella feasts on the beach, exotic Moorish palaces, and whitewashed hill towns. After climbing the Rock of Gibraltar and side-tripping into Morocco, you'll venture to the far north of Spain to run with the bulls and trek with the pilgrims. Hold on to your castanets for a hi-def whirlwind. It's Viva España!

Content: Three half-hour episodes from Rick Steves' Europe Season 6 — 605 Granada, Córdoba, and Spain’s Costa del Sol; 606 Andalucía, Gibraltar, and Tangier; and 611 Northern Spain and the Camino de Santiago — interspersed with three lively pledge breaks. Length: approximately 2 hours. Released 2011.

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Program Description

This two-hour special adventure covers the quintessence of Spain in vivid high-definition.

First, the joys of Andalucía — from dazzling Moorish palaces to flamboyant flamenco — are savored in Granada, Córdoba, and points in between. We marvel at the grandeur of the Moors, the power of Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand, dazzling equestrian art, the passion for sherry — and the good life on the Costa del Sol, including a never-to-forget paella feast.

Then, after a break, we return to southern Spain. Starting in the mountains, we meander along the route of the whitewashed hill towns, then head to sea level to enjoy the windsurfing mecca of Tarifa, get a dose of Britain on the Rock of Gibraltar, and sail to Africa to explore the thriving Moroccan city of Tangier.

After another break we head for northern Spain to follow the trail pilgrims have trod for centuries, from the French-Spanish border to Santiago de Compostela. Along the way, we'll stop off in Pamplona to run with the bulls, and savor the rich and unique Celtic culture of Galicia — where Riverdance meets flamenco.

Rick will co-host each of the three built-in pledge breaks, sharing insights into Spain and his experience filming there, offering compelling gifts for station supporters, and an inspirational message about the value of public television for those who want to celebrate, rather than fear, the diversity on this planet.

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Rick Steves poses in Cordoba, Spain

Rick in Cordoba. Download image

Flamenco dancer

Flamenco dancer. Download image


The crew in Zahara

The crew in Zahara. Download image

Gypsy musicians in Granada, Spain

Gypsy musicians in Granada. Download image


Rick Steves and the Rock of Gibraltar

Rick and the Rock of Gibraltar. Download image

Gibraltar monkey

One of Gibraltar's residents. Download image


Rick Steves in front of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Rick in Granada. Download image

The bridge in Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain. Download image


Two women walking in Tangier, Morocco

On the streets of Tangier. Download image

Zahara, Spain

Zahara, Spain. Download image

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