Program 375: Prague's Coronation Way; Portugal's Algarve; Drive Me Wild

Release Date: 08-16-2014

On Air Description

On this week's Travel with Rick Steves, hear how you can view ten centuries of architecture along the Coronation Way in Old Town Prague. 

Learn where the end of the world was thought to be in the days before Columbus, in the Algarve region of Portugal, where the beach, sun and seafood are now the main attraction. 

Or get inspired to try life in an RV, the way author Christina Nealson did for five years, exploring the back roads of the West.    

Find plenty of summer adventure from the comfort of your radio, on the next Travel with Rick Steves.


  • Jana Hronkova, tour guide based in Prague
  • Katerina Svobodova, tour guide based in Prague
  • Tour guide Robert Wright
  • Cristina Duarte, tour guide based in Lisbon
  • Christina Nealson, author of "Drive Me Wild" (Wildwords)

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  • Caller describes Prague as beautiful and vibrant, "even in inclement weather.  While the traditional sights on both Castle Hill and in the town are well worth seeing, the street entertainers and locals going about their business add to the charm."   (Carol in Belleair, Florida)
  • In Program 375 Extra: "Spent three days in Prague last May and it rained the whole time. Did visit the home of my ancestors in nearby Lukavec (southeast of Prague). A wonderful experience to find your roots!"   (Vernon in Asheville, North Carolina)
  • "The Algarve region of Portugal is magnificent and pristine. But is there an easy way to reach it from Lisbon airport on public transportation, for an extended stay in Lagos or surrounding fishing villages?" (Karen in Brookville, Pennsylvania)
  • "On my next trip to Algarve I wish to hike the best of southern Portugal.  How much time do I allow and which itinerary would you recommend?" (Jan in Walnut Creek, California)
  • Caller asks for itinerary ideas for seeing both Lisbon and the Algarve in one week.   (Steven in Cudahy, Wisconsin)
  • "How did you pay for fuel and living expenses? Campsites are costly, and few places in the USA and Canada let you just park your RV at little cost or no cost."  (Holger in Tillamook, Oregon)

Incidental Music

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Dated References

  • Jana and Rick note around 12:30 that the most pricey tourist shops in Prague are found between the main square and the Charles Bridge, and many are Russian-owned and feature non-Czech merchandise. 
  • Cristina Duarte says at 36:37 that fresh sardines in the Algarve are best from late May to September, and the best ones are found in June. 
  • Starting at 48:15, caller Holger describes the difficulty he finds in the spring and summer to secure RV space at crowded national parks. He adds that Alaska and Nevada allow overnight camping at rest areas, but police in other states will wake you and ask you to leave. Christina Nealson notes that federal forest and Bureau of Land Management lands allow you to camp for free.  She adds that parking lots at Walmart stores, police stations and churches are also usually an option for overnight RV camping.

Program Extras

More about Czech Genealogy - A caller from Asheville, North Carolina tells Rick about researching his Czech genealogy with, and finding family sites outside of Prague. (runs 2:37)