September Tour News

Hi from Rick: Who Will You Travel With in 2016?

I've recently arrived home after four months in Europe, just in time to help launch an exciting new season of tours for 2016. I'll give you a rundown of what's new in a minute. But first, instead of the places, I'd like to mention the people.

When I'm in Europe, my main focus is on creating our guidebooks and TV shows. But bumping into our tour groups after hours leaves me with many of my favorite memories. No matter what the itinerary, our tours attract the kind of people you just want to hang out with. Even after a long day of guided touring, there they are, out after dark with new friends from the tour, making the most of their free evenings.

In England this summer, I laughed with them on the "Bizarre Bath" street-theater walk. Overlooking Rome's Capitoline Hill, we shared goose bumps... Read more

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Rick Steves tour group on the bus

Our 2016 Tours Have Arrived!

Our full season of 2016 tours is ready to roll — and you can save money right off the bat! Reserve seats on any 2016 Rick Steves tour today, and you'll automatically save $100 per person! Booking early is the best way to lock in your departure date — and save — before tours fill… Read more

Slideshow: The Best of Switzerland, Day by Day

Rick Steves' new 12-day Best of Switzerland tour will have you delighting in the majesty, diversity, and cultural quirks that make this place so…Swiss! From lakeside towns to flowerbox-perfect villages — and hiking trails surrounded by cut-glass mountains — you'll find yourself in… Read more

Slideshow: The Best of Sicily (Off-Season), Day by Day

Rick Steves' most popular off-season tour immerses you in the culture, cuisine, and history of Sicily. On your early spring or late fall ramble across the island, your Rick Steves guide will introduce you to the tasty pleasures of local fruits, pastries, and traditional cooking… Read more

Interview with Roy Nicholls

Our new 13-day Villages of Southern England tour is sparking lots of interest, which is music to the ears of Roy Nicholls. A veteran of more than 25 years of leading tours for Rick (longer than any other guide), the ever-dapper Roy has a deep passion for sharing his country's history… Read more

Video of the Month: Hanging Out as Far as You Can Get in England

Watching this little video clip puts butterflies in my stomach. But I'm determined to go the full distance for my travelers — and here, on the windy cliff at Beachy Head, I'm a human suction cup learning a little geology in an unforgettable way. I'm just wrapping up two weeks of… Watch the video

Select Fall Tours On Sale Now!

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