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Hi from Rick: Fall — In Love with Europe

In an Edinburgh pub — steamy with conviviality — the locals, like mad chemists, dribble a little water on their Scotch. One of them tells me, "It opens the flavor, like a garden after a light rain."

Europe feels that way to me in the fall — freshly opened up, from Edinburgh to Athens. By October the tide of tourism has pulled out, letting the more subtle bits of local cultures — designed for the enjoyment of people who actually live there — return to the center of everyday life. Sweaters and jackets add a layer of style as Europe kicks back into its rhythm of good living.

For the traveler, Europe's quieter pleasures come into sharper focus. Climbing a bell tower above Venetian gondolas, the air is crisp enough to actually see the Alps...  Read more

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Europe at its Best in Autumn

Europe is eye-opening, thrilling and flat-out fun whenever you visit. But if summer offers a little too much sizzle for your taste, it's hard to beat the comfort — and savings — of traveling in the fall. October's warm days, cool nights and... Read more

Raves About Touring in Fall

Autumn is a wonderful time to go touring in Europe. But don't just take our word for it. Read these post-tour comments from just a few of the folks who traveled with us last October... Read more

Interview with Toni Seymour

Toni Seymour grew up in southern England, and ever since she began school she wanted to be a teacher. She studied History and French, but as time for university approached, she was disillusioned with the idea of teaching the inflexible... Read more

Check Out Our Tour Scrapbook Winners

We had an amazing bunch of entries from our 2014 tour alums — thank you to everyone who entered! If you're thinking of taking a Rick Steves tour, these scrapbooks can give you a personal, "customer's eye-view" of what our tours are like... Read more

Video of the Month: Gelato That Hits the Sweet Spot

I don't generally get all excited about individual gelato shops, but BuonGusto in Pienza is an exception. Run by Chef Nicola, here is an example of a high-quality gelateria where there are only a few flavors, the colors are muted, and the bins... Watch the Video

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