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Hi from Rick: In Britain, the Stories Rule

One of my favorite stops on our Best of Scotland tour is the evocative memorial battlefield of Culloden. It's a place where an expert tour guide can take a place and a moment in history, stir them up with good storytelling and a context that brings it relevance, and pow — it becomes an unforgettable, meaningful moment.

Culloden — famously the site of the last battle fought on British soil — is where, in 1746, the troops of Bonnie Prince Charlie gave it their all to try to put the Catholic prince on the English throne...and failed... Read more

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Four Tastes of the British Isles

Meaningful history, storybook villages, easy conversations, and the warm welcome of music-filled pubs — travel through London, England, Scotland and Ireland has a charm that can’t be duplicated anywhere else in Europe. But where does one start... Read more

Raves About Rick's England, Scotland and Ireland Tours

England, Scotland and Ireland offer a marvelous mix of travel thrills, from the unexpectedly exotic to the nearly familiar. Take it from our tour members: each of our tours in the British Isles comes filled with unforgettable experiences... Read more

Meet Our British Isles Tour Guides

A European vacation is a major investment, so you'll want to entrust your trip to someone who's smart, experienced, and enthusiastic. Read and listen to interviews with our London, England, Ireland and Scotland tour guides... Read more

Video of the Month: Liz and Roy on Camera

As part of our big Tour Reunion and Test Drive a Tour Guide event last January, we interviewed guides for our live, online streaming audience. In case you missed it, here again are Liz Lister and Roy Nicholls, interviewed by Ashley Sytsma... Read more