December Tour News

Hi from Rick: The Art of Touring Italy

Many of my favorite memories from the 25 years I guided our tour groups are moments when the art of Italy crashed over my travelers like a frothy wave in the joyful surf of a cultural paradise.

I'll never forget walking with a group through the labyrinthine lanes of Venice to suddenly emerge in St. Mark's Square, surrounded by the pillars, domes, and statues of the mighty doge. One emotionally-overwhelmed tour member broke down and hugged me on the spot. Bursting into tears, she told me this was the moment she and her late husband had dreamed of experiencing together...and at St. Mark's Square the memories of him came happily flooding back... Read more

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Slideshow: Athens & the Heart of Greece, Day by Day

Greece is hot right now, with 2015 tour sales so far more than double just a year ago. But why not? Greece has a rich history, amazing art, sunny weather, relaxing beaches, yummy food, and men who dance in skirts. Starting with the iconic... Read more

Tour Guides Touring Turkey

Each year, we host a tour guides' summit for a week here in Seattle. About a hundred of our guides gather to train, brainstorm, and celebrate. Ideas — both great and crazy — are generated. Last year, our Turkish guides proposed my favorite idea... Read more

Interview with Anastasia Gaitanou

Anastasia Gaitanou is an important member of our Athens & the Heart of Greece tour team. A native of Greece, she has led tours throughout her country — from Crete to Corfu to Thessaloniki. With her multiple interests and talents, she easily... Read more

Video of the Month: Kardamyli, Greece

On Days 6 and 7 of each Athens & the Heart of Greece tour, we settle into the pace of Greek country life in seaside Kardamyli. Whenever possible, we visit a shopkeeper serving up chamomile and olives harvested from his backyard... Read more