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Hi from Rick: Touring Europe's Northern Delights

Traveling in countries where civilization butts up against nature, I feel the strength of a people. From the dunes and dikes of the Netherlands to the foreboding peaks and powerful fjords of Norway, these are places where man and nature seem to have shared the same crib.

Riding a ferry up Sognefjord on the far west coast of Norway, I stayed on the car deck — just to be alone with the fjord. I climbed atop a giant cleat, hung on to a fat hemp rope, and tossed little bits of my sandwich high into the air — collecting a circus of acrobatic seagulls looping and diving for tiny bites of my lunch. Feeding those Nordic birds was actually more gratifying than feeding myself as they connected me in a playful way with Norway’s nature. Dwarfed under black cliffs rocketing out of the glassy water...  Read more

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Slideshow: Best of Scandinavia, Day by Day

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Slideshow: Heart of Belgium & Holland, Day by Day

One of Rick Steves' best tours is also the most easily overlooked. The Heart of Belgium & Holland in 11 Days is rich with colorful gardens, peaceful canals, delicious food, heavenly beers, Vermeers, Rembrandts, and a sense of history that's second to none... Read more

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The magic of your tour experience — and the friendships you've made — don't need to end as you push your chair away from the table at the farewell dinner. You can stay in touch, sharing memories, laughs and stories on our Rick Steves Tours Facebook page... Read more

Interview with Rolinka Bloeming

Rolinka Bloeming was born and raised in the Netherlands, and now makes her home in France. Her zest for variety is reflected in her career, as she has mastered the guiding of many Rick Steves tours, ranging from Germany, Austria & Switzerland to the Heart of Belgium & Holland... Read more

Video of the Month: History & Sweet Surprises in Bruges

In the 14th century, Bruges was an economic powerhouse with a population matching London's. When its sea trade dried up in the 16th century the economy collapsed, but today tourism, and chocolate shops, have rejuvenated this uniquely well-preserved gothic city... Watch video

2014 Tour Specials

Rick Steves tours are always a great value, and once in a while it gets even better! Now you can save hundreds of dollars per seat on select 2014 departures, while they last...  Read more