July Tour News

Hi from Rick: Turn-On to Off-Season Touring

Eager to start planning a 2015 trip to Europe? Then you'll be happy to know we've just launched our early 2015 dates for 10 great itineraries. Why just 10? Not every destination is a good fit for February–March travel, but the ones we've chosen really transcend the seasons (and save you enough money to brighten any gray day).

In our 10 off-season destinations, the fun doesn't set with the sun...it's just getting started. Fewer crowds, relaxing dinners, and cool comfort make even a winter getaway an ideal opportunity to recharge the soul — in just a few magical days and nights. 

I love off-season travel. Getting to Europe is cheaper, and it's easier to find seats on the flight you want. Once you've arrived…  Read more

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Early 2015 Tours are Here!

We're gearing up for our complete launch of 2015 tour dates in the second half of August (we'll email all Tour News subscribers as soon as that happens). You can't wait? There's hope. Our popular off-season tours (February—March 2015) are ready for you to book TODAY... Read more

Raves About Off-Season Touring

"My husband and I got married last year and planned a Paris trip for our honeymoon. This winter Paris tour met both our needs. As it was my husband's first trip, he wanted to see all the monuments and museums. I simply wanted to learn to be a Parisian. Voilà! This tour had it all!"... Read more

2014 Tour Specials

Rick Steves' tours are always a great value, and once in a while it gets even better! Now you can save hundreds of dollars per seat on select 2014 departures, while they last... Read more

Tour Scrapbook Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners! And thanks to everyone who entered. If you're thinking of taking a Rick Steves tour, these scrapbooks can give you a personal, "customer's-eye-view" of what our tours are like. Take a peek at the winning scrapbooks... Read more

Video of the Month: The Magnificent Louvre

Filled with over 30,000 works of art, the Louvre is a treasure trove of Western civilization. This vast former palace is famous as home to Mona (Lisa) and Venus (de Milo) — but that's just the appetizer course. You'll find Greek and Roman sculptures, plus masterpieces from the Renaissance to... Read more