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Hi from Rick: Greece & Turkey's Patina of Life

Europe is my playground. And over in the corner, Greece and Turkey seem to spin on their own private carousel of cultural fun. With Ancient Greece once in Turkey and Ottoman Turkey once in Greece, they can’t avoid being cultural cousins. Whether it’s the happy click of worry beads on a Greek Isle or the carefree chatter of backgammon dice in a Turkish village, the vibe is relaxed. And if you look closely there’s a patina of life you just don’t find elsewhere: the worry beads are worn to fit the fingers of their owner and the backgammon board — with its inlaid pieces worn according to the toughness of the wood — is fragrant with memories of teahouse conviviality. Tradition and community, hard times and good times, calloused hands and ruddy smiles — they’re all yours in these two fascinating lands... Read more

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Slideshow: Our Biggest Tour Reunion Weekend

In our biggest event of the year, on January 16th and 17th more than 100 tour guides and nearly 2,000 alums of our 2014 tours (plus a few hundred envious members of the public) gathered in Edmonds, WA... Read more

Four Tastes of France

From its remarkable wines and cuisine to its sophisticated cities and countryside charms, France is simply irresistible. But where does one start? Here’s a sampling of videos and words to help you find the right path to making your French travel dreams come to life... Read more

The Best of France, Back-to-Back

France is so packed with delicious diversity, you won't want to rush back home. Here are some back-to-back combinations to help you get the most out of that trans-Atlantic flight... Read more

Raves About Rick’s France Tours

What's it like to "connect the wows" of France's greatest sights and cultural experiences on a Rick Steves tour? Pretty amazing, to say the least! Read what our tour members have to say... Read more

Win a Tour — Enter Our Tour Scrapbook Contest!

Did you travel on a Rick Steves tour in 2014? Share your experience by creating an online scrapbook and enter our contest by March 1st. See the entries we’ve gotten so far. First prize is a free tour... Read more