December Tour News

Hi from Rick: The Art of Touring Italy

Many of my favorite memories from the 25 years I guided our tour groups are moments when the art of Italy crashed over my travelers like a frothy wave in the joyful surf of a cultural paradise.

I'll never forget walking with a group through the labyrinthine lanes of Venice to suddenly emerge in St. Mark's Square, surrounded by the pillars, domes, and statues of the mighty doge. One emotionally-overwhelmed tour member broke down and hugged me on the spot. Bursting into tears, she told me this was the moment she and her late husband had dreamed of experiencing together...and at St. Mark's Square the memories of him came happily flooding back... Read more

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Slideshow: The Heart of Italy, Day by Day

Tight on time? This tour is Rick's personal "best of" distillation of our Best of Italy tour. This slideshow gives you a colorful preview of what’s in store if you join us in 2015 for the Heart of Italy in 9 Days... Read more

Slideshow: The Best of Venice, Florence & Rome, Day by Day

Italy's three greatest cities are like fine gelato — why settle for just one flavor if you can get three scoops at once? Here’s a slideshow preview of our triple-scoop Best of Venice, Florence & Rome in 10 Days... Read more

Tempting Tastes of Italy

No other country is so overflowing with art, history, culture — and flat-out fun — as Italy. It’s no wonder that Rick has designed more ways to explore this corner of Europe than any other. And this is the perfect time... Read more

Comparing Rick’s Italy Tours

Deciding to go to Italy is pretty easy. Figuring out what to see in a single trip, not so much! Let’s get you started on the path to clarity by comparing the features of our Italy tours for 2015... Read more

Five Ways to Tour Tuscany

For many travelers, Tuscany — from its food and wines to its hill towns and art — combines all of the best that Italy has to offer. A region with so many facets can’t be explored in a single way. Here are five... Read more

Interview with Virginia Agostinelli

Virginia leads tours in Italy that include the Best of Italy in 17 Days, the Heart of Italy in 9 Days, Venice, Florence and Rome in 10 Days and (maybe her favorite) the Best of Sicily in 11 Days. Let's get to know her... Read more

Video of the Month: Renaissance Florence

If one city perfectly illustrates the delightful convergence of art, architecture, history and culture, it’s Florence. In this 2½-minute clip from the Rick Steves' Europe TV series, you’ll get a taste of how we teach... Watch video