November Tour News

Hi from Rick: Reunions and New Frontiers

Every year I page through our tour catalog, I succumb to temptation, and I sign up on one of my own tours. And this year I'm fantasizing about Eastern Europe.

In addition to getting consistently rave reviews from tour members, our Eastern Europe tour guides have partnered with me to create great TV shows: Tina Hiti has taken me to WWI battlegrounds high in Slovenia's Julian Alps; Katka Svobodová has shared the Czech passion for great lager in a Prague beer hall; Péter Pölczman has taught me how to soak in a Budapest mineral spring like a good Hungarian; and local guides like Anna Gega-Bakowska (pictured) have helped turn Polish towns like Kraków into must-see European destinations.

Perhaps the biggest news for travelers in my lifetime is... Read more

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Slideshow: Best of Prague & Budapest Tour, Day by Day

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Interview with Fabian Rueger

He's what you might call a German-American-German-American. Raised in West Berlin, Fabian Rueger traveled to the US to attend Stanford University, then returned to Berlin... Read more

Rick's Big Tour Reunion Party!

Attention 2014 tour alums! You are invited to our annual Tour Reunion on Friday, January 16 and Saturday, January 17, in Edmonds, WA. Join Rick, your guides and tour buddies for two days of reunion parties and flat-out fun... Read more

Enter Our Tour Scrapbook Contest

Have you traveled on a Rick Steves tour in 2014? If so, you could win your choice of a Rick Steves tour by creating a website of your 2014 tour experience and entering it into our Online Scrapbook Contest... Read more

Video of the Month: Budapest's Great Market Hall

Budapest's Great Market Hall is a commotion of produce stands, butcher stalls, peppers, and spices. Paprika is everywhere, in varieties ranging from very sweet to very, very hot... Watch video

Book Now, Save $100

Reserve seats on any 2015 Rick Steves tour today, and you'll automatically save $100 per person! Booking early is the best way to lock in your departure date — and save — before tours fill up... Read more