August Tour News

Hi from Rick: This Year's Top 10 Tours

I'm in Europe filming my final batch of TV shows for the upcoming season (Berlin is on deck, then Prague), but whenever the camera shuts off, my mind keeps going back to the real highlight of this summer — tagging along on one of my "classic" Best of Europe in 21 Days tours.

While I've always had a passion for teaching smart independent travel, each year as a tour member I learn first-hand what a joy it can be to experience Europe on a well-designed tour. And this edition of Tour News feels like a good time to celebrate our Top 10 tours of this past year, chosen by how you've "voted" with your precious vacation time and money. Of course, just because one itinerary is more popular than another doesn't mean the quality isn't the same. In fact, having the same high standards for all 40 of our itineraries is... Read more

In this issue

Slideshow: This Year's Top 10 Tours, Day by Day

In this month's Tour News — as we look forward to the mid-August launch of our full slate of tours for 2015 — we're featuring our best-sellers for 2014. Take a wander through our slideshow, which captures a single day on each of our Top 10. We'll also give you a peek at seats still remaining for 2014… Read more

Raves About Rick’s Top 10 Tours

Don't just take our word for it. Each of our Top 10 tours comes filled with unforgettable experiences — from the canals of Venice to the scalps of the Alps — here are just a few memorable moments from tour members' post-tour surveys... Read more

Interview with Reid Coen

Reid Coen has been guiding Rick Steves tour groups around Europe for nearly 20 years. His first-ever tour was the Best of Europe in 1996 and since then he’s led many different itineraries including Spain; Berlin-Prague-Vienna; about any tour in Italy; Belgium & Holland; Germany-Austria-Switzerland... Read more

Early 2015 Tours are Here!

We're gearing up for our complete launch of 2015 tour dates in the second half of August (we'll email all Tour News subscribers as soon as that happens). You can't wait? There's hope. Our popular off-season tours (February—March 2015) are ready for you to book TODAY... Read more

2014 Tour Specials

Rick Steves' tours are always a great value, and once in a while it gets even better! Now you can save hundreds of dollars per seat on select 2014 departures, while they last.... Read more

Video of the Month: Florence's Renaissance Art and Architecture

Florence's contributions to Western culture are immense: the whole revival of the arts, humanism, and science; the seeds of democracy; the modern Italian language (which grew out of the popular Florentine dialect); the art of Botticelli, Leonardo, and Michelangelo... Watch video