Rave Reviews: Tour Guides

Rick is adamant about hiring guides he personally knows and trusts, and who share his love for Europe and passion for teaching. It's the biggest reason why more than one-third of our tour members are repeat customers. Here are some "raves" about just a few of the fine guides who lead our tours.

Fabian Rueger

Only one word...."WOW" How could we have lucked into Fabian as a guide? It was like having everyone's favorite professor on board. He distilled history into such an entertaining narrative...full of memorable anecdotes and humor. He was so genuinely friendly, knowledgeable, sociable, and helpful. There are not enough superlatives! — Alicyn in Pittsburgh, PA

Cristina Duarte

Cristina leads her tour directly from the heart like a virtuoso fado performer! She is the perfect ambassador for Portugal and getting to know her is to love all Portuguese people. We commend and toast her charm, graciousness, energy, and joie de vivre! Thank you Cristina for an exceptional experience! — Christopher in Sandia Park, NM

Javier Menor

I can't say enough about Javier! His knowledge of the cities, the history, the monuments, the buildings, the museums and the country was tremendous and added a great deal to our experience. He paid a lot of attention to every detail and made us feel special throughout the trip. He is a fantastic guide and you are fortunate to have him! — Charles in Cary, NC

Åsa Danielsson

Åsa was fantastic! She was totally engaging, extremely knowledgable, animated and fun! During our bus days, she provided us with lots of info (and treats) and balanced that perfectly with "down time". I was totally in awe of her speaking anything from Danish to Swedish to Norwegian to English to SPANISH and making it look so easy! — Cynthia in Orinda, CA

Francisco Glaria

Francisco was the best! I have been on several other tours and he was one of the most memorable, fun, and helpful guides I have ever had. He was able to create a bond and relate with everyone on the tour and made sure that we were all engaged and having fun...while showcasing his pride, knowledge, and experiences of the region. — Karen in Indianapolis, IN

Cecilia Bottai

I can't say enough about Cecilia. At every turn she added special touches to make our trip memorable, including a dinner that featured wines from her own vineyard. It was fantastic. She was wonderful in every way; organized, friendly, and deeply knowledgeable about all things Italian — just loved her! — Joanne in Campbell, CA

Marijan Kriskovic

If Rick Steves ever retires, Marijan would make a wonderful replacement! He is exceptionally clear and knowledgeable; warm-hearted and generous; enthusiastic and fun to be with. The breadth and depth of his cultural knowledge are amazing. You are especially lucky to have him working for Rick Steves Tours. — James in Vermillion, SD

Heidi Van Sewell

Heidi was outstanding! She was always helpful and smiling, day and night. She went out of her way to make sure we were having fun. She was enthusiastic about Italy and wanted to share her love of this country, the people, sights, and language with all of us. — Thomas in Fort Worth, TX

Stephen McPhilemy

I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have had Stephen for a guide. Besides being a wonderfully gifted and engaging storyteller, he has a masterful grasp on Irish history and contemporary culture. His love of Irish music and vast repertoire also enriched our travels, as he seemed to have a song to fit every occasion or historical event. — Jeannine in Coarsegold, CA

Jennifer Gouge

Jennifer is an exceptional leader and educator! On a daily basis, she taught us so many things, from the practical to the profound; weaving together history and art, culture and politics, language and subway navigation — all while sharing insights and posing questions that encouraged us to make our own discoveries and expand our worldview. — Jan in Napa, CA