Streaming Support

Below are the answers to the most common questions and issues we hear about when we are streaming our events live.

"The video feed isn't working."

  1. First, try downloading the Google Chrome web browser. This is a free download, and your streaming video feed will work seamlessly without any extra plug-ins. Plus, Chrome is just a great, stable web browser.
  2. If you don't want to download Chrome, try updating your Flash player. Adobe just released a new version of Flash a few days ago, and chances are, if your video feed isn't working on Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer, it's because you don't have the latest version of Flash. 
  3. If your Flash player is up to date, try double checking that it is currently the correct time in Pacific Time for the lecture you are expecting to watch. The East Coast of the USA is three hours later than Seattle.
  4. If you are certain that a lecture should be available for viewing, you may need to refresh our streaming video web page. If the feed for a lecture begins after you arrived at our streaming page, you will not be able to see the feed until you refresh that web page. Your browser's refresh button is located at the top of your browser and looks like an arrow turning around itself. Click that button!

    Please be patient as a lecture may start a minute or two after the intended start time. Refreshing the streaming web page more often than once every 30 seconds may put too much strain on our servers.

"The sound isn't working."

The volume on your computer can be controlled in several places. Please check the following places: the volume level on the video player in your web browser; the volume level of the computer you are using; and the volume level of the speakers attached to your computer. Finally, make sure you don't have headphones plugged in when you are expecting sound to come from your main speakers.

"I'm certain there is a technical problem with the video feed."

In the case of a technical issue on our end, our monitoring capabilities allow us to be aware when issues arise. Know that we will work expediently to resolve issues as we discover them. Be sure to refresh your browser every few minutes (directions above) to see if the technical issue has cleared up.

"Will any lectures be available to watch at a later time?"

If you're unable to watch the live webcast, these classes will be available for viewing on the Rick Steves YouTube channel in a few weeks.

"How do I access the streaming video web page to watch the event?"

You probably went right by it without realizing it. Our video will be displayed in the video player at the top of this page at the times indicated.

Still need assistance?

Please email: Note that we can sometimes get inundated with emails when an issue arises and we may not respond to your email.