Program 322: Stones of England; Stockholm Al Fresco; The Finnish Sauna

Release Date: 04-20-2013

On Air Description

A lot of Stockholm's charm comes from how much land and waterfront is dedicated to parks and public access. On the next Travel with Rick Steves, we get a guide to enjoying the Swedish capital al fresco, where the locals make it a priority to get outdoors, any time of year.

We'll also explore the mysteries of the ancient stone circles and prehistoric monuments of England. And we'll hear how taking a sauna is an important part of life in Finland.

Meet another corner of the world each week, on Travel with Rick Steves.

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  • "I took my granddaughter to Stonehenge. Contact the National Trust and arrive at Stonehenge before it opens - they let 20 people in. You can walk among the stones then. It was misty and beautiful!" (Barbara in Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  • In program extra: Asks for help planning a trip to view ancient stone circles in Britain.  "Is it possible to join in exploration or research at the sites?" (Cindy in Franklin, Tennessee)
  • Recommendations for things to do in Stockholm. "Do not miss the Vasa Museum, King's Palace, or Skansen. Wander and get lost in Gamla Stan's cobbled, winding lanes, Rathaus (climb tower if you have strength and time), relax on a harbor or Vaxholm ferryboat cruise, and go inside and explore the NK Department Store." (April in Roseville, California)
  • Planning a three-day visit to Stockholm. "What are the top things to do and see in Stockholm, and what are the best times of the year to visit?" (Richard in Lake Sherwood, California)
  • "My husband and 4-year-old son and I visited Stockholm in 2011. The site we visited over and over again was Djurgården. The Junibacken, Grona Lund, Skansen, and Vasa were just a few jewels in that condensed area. It is wonderful for kids."  (Elaine in Toronto, Ontario)
  • "I see that the Vasa Museum is closed to build a new entrance. Can you please tell me when it will reopen? And I know that Sweden remained neutral and accepted thousands of Jewish refugees during World War II. What sights would you recommend for a visitor who would like to see the Jewish landmarks of Stockholm?"  (e-mail from Linda in Columbia, Maryland)
  • Caller asks about the clipper ship on display in the Bay.  (Nancy in Pacific Grove, California)

Incidental Music

  • Royal Ballet Sinfonia, Gavin Sutherland, cond., "'Folksong' from 'Folksong and Fiddle Dance' (Percy Fletcher)," English String Miniatures 5 / Naxos
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  • Maire Brennan, "Against the Wind," Celtic Heart (collection) / BMG
  • Lorenna McKennitt, "Bonny Portmore," The Visit / WEA
  • * Philip Lane, "Suite of Cotswold Folk Dances, II: 'Constant Billy,'" British Light Music Collection 1 / ASV
  • Ireland National Symphony Orchestra, "'Midsommarvaka' from 'Swedish Rhaposdy No. 1' (by Swedish composer Hugo Alfven)," Midsummer Vigil: Orchestral Favourites of Hugo Alfven / Naxos
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  • Ben Hans Trio, "Dear Old Stockholm," Drums! Bass! Guitar! / Coffee Road Records
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Dated References

  • Rick says that while Stockholm is nicest in the summertime, in the open to segment B, it has a lot of activities any time of year. Åsa  reiterates that summer is their favorite time of year, May through August, at 40:56.
  • At 41:37, Åsa notes the Nobel Prize banquet is held on December 10 each year at the Stockholm City Hall.

Program Extras

Program 322 Extra: England - Caller Cindy from Tennessee asks if tourists can volunteer to participate in archaeological excavations in Britain. Mark Seymour notes there are an estimated 800 to 1300 stone sites that have been identified so far in Britain. (runs 1:17)

Program 322 Extra: Sweden - ├ůsa Danielsson takes pride in Sweden's surprisingly influential pop music industry. (runs :43)