August Travel News

Hi from Rick: The Art of Sharing Art

In just a few weeks you can look forward to a new season of Rick Steves' Europe shows on public television (around October 1 for most stations). Two of our new shows will be on the Netherlands, home to some of Europe's most legendary art. One of the joys of producing our series is the chance to be all alone in Europe's great museums while they're closed to the public. In Amsterdam this past month, we were in both the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum for about 90 minutes before their 10 a.m. opening time.

When my producer, cameraman, and I have a museum to ourselves, the clock is steadily ticking down the minutes before the public pours in. An escort from the museum sticks with us every minute, making sure we stay within our permitted bounds. The cameraman shoots the art every which way... Read more

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Travel Smart with Your Smartphone

I love all the technology that makes travel easier than ever. Even when you want to get away from it all, it makes sense to take your smartphone (or tablet) with you. You can keep in touch if you want to, plus you'll have instant access to resources that can enrich your trip... Read more

Highlands Magic

Years ago, I met a dear man on a deserted roadside in the Scottish Highlands. I was scrambling to make a public television show, and as if placed there by heaven's Central Casting, this tender giant of a man was bagpiping to the birds, the passing clouds, and the occasional motorist... Read more

The Many Layers of Istanbul

I first visited Istanbul in the 1970s. Some of my most vivid memories of that trip are of the colorful locals. Scruffy kids sold cherry juice, and old men would grab huge cucumbers from wheeled carts, then peel, quarter, and salt them, and sell them for pennies... Read more

From the Rick Steves Travel Forum: Best Women's Travel Shoes

Is it the shoes or perhaps the socks that keep travel-weary feet safe from blisters? Find out what our Travel Forum members think as they share their favorite shoes (and their favorite socks, too) for travel and why they love 'em...Read more

Video of the Month: Istanbul's Grand Bazaar

In many ways Istanbul's Grand Bazaar remains much as it was centuries ago: enchanting and perplexing visitors with its maze-like network of more than 4,000 colorful shops, fragrant eateries, and insistent shopkeepers... Read more