January Travel News

Hi from Rick: A Few Good Travel Skills

The New Year is ringing in nicely for travelers, as our dollar is now the strongest it's been in nearly a decade. Getting more euros for your bucks is a great start to a more affordable trip, but there's a lot more you can do (with little cost or effort) to maximize your travel experience.

To get you started, in this month's Travel News you'll find my "15 Top Travel Skills for 2015" article — a bite-size distillation of my favorite ways to travel efficiently, beat the crowds, keep my priorities straight, and get closer to the people and culture I've flown so far to rub elbows with. In addition, you'll find articles on what's new in rail passes this year, and a revealing peek into the workings of those pesky Italian strikes. You can also learn about… Read more

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15 Top Travel Skills for 2015

There's never been a better time to explore and experience Europe. These days, many of us have already seen the famous buildings — the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower, Big Ben, and so on. It's hands-on experiences that are the mark of a good trip. And Europe...Read More

Rick Steves Audio Europe™ Gets 26 New Tracks

If you already have our free travel app, be sure to add this update of 26 informative interviews from Rick's radio shows. If you don't yet have the app, this is a great time to download one of the best European travel tools you’ll find anywhere. And did we say it's free?...Read More

What's New in Rail Passes for 2015

The new year brings a smattering of new rail passes, as well as new features for a few old favorites. Before you jump on the cheap-flights bandwagon, look into what rail travel has to offer, and consider the advantages of seeing more of Europe, at ground level...Read More

Understanding Italian Strikes

Every few months, it seems, you'll read or hear that a general strike has been announced in Italy — one that will affect nearly every form of travel and public transport throughout the country. Such a strike seems like a crippling affair when reported by news sources...Read More

Local Guides Bring Meaning to Your Travels

For the past 30 years, whenever I've been asked to state my occupation at a border crossing, I've said, "Teacher." People may find my TV shows to be entertaining or my guidebooks practical, but my passion has always been to teach, whether it's about art, culture...Read More

Travel Forum: Why Do We Return?

Rick's article on why we travel made me think about why we go back to the same favorite places. My "revisit" list gets longer all the time; sometimes it's to see things I didn't get to before, but in most cases, it's not to finish something so much as to continue...Read More

Video of the Month: Planning Your Itinerary

I never start a trip without having every day planned out. Your reaction to an itinerary may be, "Hey, won't my spontaneity and freedom suffer?" Not necessarily. Although I always begin a trip with a well-thought-out plan, I maintain my flexibility and make plenty of changes...Watch the Video