November Travel News

Hi from Rick: Why We Travel

As a travel teacher, people have come to respect and rely on the advice I give, whether it's how to plan an itinerary or where to enjoy a memorable meal in Rome. But, while better travel skills can lead to better trips, they are not the reason why we travel. We travel to have enlightening experiences, to meet inspirational people, to be stimulated, to learn, and to grow.

I've been fortunate to experience moments in my travels that have rearranged my cultural furniture, walloped my ethnocentrism, and tuned me in to a rapidly changing world. It's thrilling, and it's humbling. To share what I've learned, for the past dozen years I've been giving a lecture I call "Travel as a Political Act." I enjoy flying all over the US, giving this talk to... Read more

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Ten Tips for Making Travel a Political Act

For me, the great value of travel is the opportunity to pry open your hometown blinders and bring home a broader perspective. And when we implement that worldview as citizens of our great nation... Read more

Bethlehem's Mix of Christians and Muslims

Lots of tourists go to Palestine, but I'd estimate that 90 percent of them do it in a rush from Jerusalem to Bethlehem to see the Church of the Nativity in Manger Square. Bethlehem is just over the wall that separates... Read more

Iran: The Politics of People

Two young Iranian parents smiled at me, showing mock desperation as their little boy and girl eagerly dragged them into a shop famous for its pistachio ice-cream sandwiches. Around the corner, filling the side of a 15-story building... Read more

Video of the Month: Rick Steves on the Value of Travel

In this 21-minute slideshow talk for Seattleā€™s "TEDxRainier" event, Rick reflects on the value of thoughtful travel. Sharing lessons learned from Iran to El Salvador and from India to Denmark, he explains... Watch the video

Travel Forum: Rick Steves' Holy Land

Have you watched Rick's new TV special "The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today"? Share your reviews of the show with other travelers and with Rick... Join the conversation

Rick's New TAPA Book and Holy Land DVD

If you'd like to learn more about the ways in which travel has broadened Rick's perspectives — or stoke your own travel consciousness — the new second edition of Rick's Travel as a Political Act book and our Holy Land TV special... Read More