October Travel News

Hi from Rick: My 12 New TV Shows are Ready for Take-Off

Here's some happy travel news for October: My all-new season of Rick Steves' Europe TV shows debuts this month on public television. I'll be taking you to a dozen enticing destinations: Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, France's Loire Valley, great side-trips from Paris, the Italian Riviera, Italy's Padua, Verona and Ravenna, Central Turkey, Western Turkey, Israel, and Palestine.

Back in 1990, when I filmed my first travel series for public television, I didn't expect it would last. Assuming I'd get one shot at it, I endeavored to include all the critical travel skills and my favorite "back door" destinations in that initial 13-episode series. That was 24 years and 12 seasons ago... Read more

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Communicating in Italy

I am terrible at foreign languages. Despite traveling to Europe four months a year, I can barely put a sentence together anywhere east or south of England. But with some creative communication, I manage just fine to write guidebooks, produce TV shows, and... Read more

Pondering Britain's Stone Circles

Grand, centuries-old cathedrals distinguish Great Britain's cities and towns, providing spiritual nourishment to those who visit. These places of worship seem ancient almost beyond imagination. But long before Gothic cathedrals...long before recorded history even, Britain's stone... Read more

Evolving Lisbon

Portugal's capital city of Lisbon feels to me like Europe's San Francisco — it has rattling trolleys, a famous suspension bridge, a heritage dominated by a horrific earthquake, and lots of fog. And like San Francisco, it's a charming mix of now and then... Read more

Travel Forum Question: What’s your favorite program for creating a trip photo book?

Get suggestions from our Travel Forum members on their favorite programs for creating trip photo books. Find out what they like best about the programs they use and get tips on how to create a great photo book of your travels... Read more

Video of the Month: Rick Steves' Europe Season 8 Preview

Rick's newest series of travel shows premieres this fall on public television stations across the US. Season 8 includes 12 new, vivid episodes covering Turkey, France, Israel, Palestine, Italy, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Germany in delicious, wide-screen, hi-def... Watch the Video