October Travel News

Hi from Rick: Dear Mr. Steves…

In this month's Travel News, my co-author Cameron Hewitt tells the story of a Croatian man and his mom who just took the trip of a lifetime…to visit America…all because of our guidebooks. It got me thinking about how being connected to travelers makes going through my inbox an especially satisfying experience.

My favorite mail-reading time is at the end of a long day at work, when I can lose myself in the words and feelings of other travelers: Newly widowed Jared, whose wife always dreamed of climbing the bell tower overlooking Venice's Piazza San Marco, finally did just that for both of them. Aaron, who met me at the Long Beach Travel Show, is recently back from a study abroad program in Germany that…Read more

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Budapest: City of Paradox

Most Americans choose Prague as their first foray into Eastern Europe, but the true powerhouse of the region is Budapest, capital of Hungary. Budapest can be challenging and complicated — but it's a cosmopolitan place of unexpected elegance, fascinating and rewarding… Read More

Guidebooks that Make the World Better, One Trip at a Time

If you've been following Cameron Hewitt's blog lately, you've already met just a few of our favorite people from Dubrovnik — from the Peros to Jadranka, Sasha, and Pepo. But that's just a small sampling of the hundreds of amazing people we feel lucky to recommend in… Read More

Guest Blog: Adventures with Sarah Murdoch

This popular Rick Steves tour guide reveals her "packing ninja" side, sharing tips learned from 15 seasons spent on the road in Europe. Join Sarah as she packs like a tour guide and then tests her advice out in the real world… Read Sarah's Blog

Travel Forum: Confusing Nonsensical Museum Passes

From one of Rick's newspaper columns: Europe must have a university course called "Confusing Nonsensical Museum Passes." Few of them are worth the trouble, but some noteworthy exceptions pay for themselves in a hurry. Worthwhile museum passes in Paris, Rome, and Berlin cover… Read More

Video of the Month: Rick’s Free Podcasts

Did you know that Rick Steves' video and radio content can be delivered to you on a regular basis? Simply subscribe to Rick's free podcasts. You won't be alone. Rick's video podcasts are downloaded 80,000 times each month, and his audio/radio podcasts have a monthly audience of… Read More

The Mont St Michel at sunrise

Our 2016 Tours Have Arrived

Our full season of 2016 tours is ready to roll — and you can save money right off the bat! Reserve seats on any 2016 Rick Steves tour today, and you'll automatically save $100 per person! Booking early is the best way to lock in your departure date — and save — before tours fill up… Book Now

Late-Season Rail Pass Deals

Our friends at Rail Europe have just announced some enticing late-season rail pass discounts, including 20% off Eurail Select Passes, Global Passes, and most single-country and regional passes. Check out all the details on our special Rick Steves page at raileurope.com… Read More