December Travel News

Hi from Rick: The Gift of Good Travel

Every two years for the last couple of decades we've produced a new season of our Rick Steves' Europe TV series. And, like clockwork, our new Season 8 two-DVD set has just arrived.

As I flip the package over to look at the dozen shows listed on the back, I'm hit with a flood of good travel memories. One windy day I climbed up into the creaky reaches of a centuries-old Dutch windmill. On another, I hiked to a cemetery high above my favorite Italian Riviera village, with a dear local friend, to remember those lost to a tragic flood in 2011. In a remote village in Turkey, my crew and I joined with festive neighbors to celebrate a young boy's circumcision. In every show, I make it a point to never film anything that's off-limits to inquisitive, free-spirited travelers. If I'm doing my job right... Read more

In this issue

Top 10 European Tourist Traps

I love Europe, but my responsibility as a travel writer is not to just rave about everything, but to help overwhelmed travelers sort through the superlatives and smartly allocate their limited vacation time. So here... Read more

When to Splurge in Europe

I've always been a fan of budget travel tips. For more than 30 years I've written and lectured about ways to stow-away, picnic, and get special deals to be able to afford international travel. My feeling has long been... Read more

Sensory Amsterdam

Good travelers travel with all their senses, taking in a place's sights, sounds, and flavors to get the full experience. So, this past summer in Amsterdam, I engaged all my senses to connect with the culture... Read more

Travel Forum: Switch to a 20-inch Rolling Suitcase?

I've used the 22-inch RS bag for some time, and I'm thinking of buying the newer 20-inch version. Anyone care to share how much less they are able to pack, etc.? Also, does it feel very much lighter than the older one? (By the way, you can get 20% off all Rick Steves travel bags through Dec. 15th)... Join the conversation

Rick's 12 New Shows 2015–2016 DVD Set Is Here!

We've just added the perfect gift for every fan of Rick's TV shows. Why perfect? First, it's so new, you can be sure no one already has it. Second, it's half-price right now. Yes, half price. And that's not all... Watch the video