June Travel News

Hi from Rick: Drop Into My Travelers Café

I just took a trip away from my trip, by visiting Rick Steves' Travelers Café — a corner of ricksteves.com that's reserved for our guest bloggers. Right off the bat, Cameron Hewitt (co-author of many of my guidebooks) took me on a speed boat around Capri, into the back lanes of Naples, and il dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing) on Lake Como. Also in the Café, my street-artist niece Nicolina showed me what it's like to drive a "paint your heart out" van all over India, bringing the love of art to children in poor villages.

I've long dreamed of hosting a place where travelers can gather, share discoveries, and inspire one another. In this month's Travel News I'd like to invite you to drop into my Travelers Café, where you'll find lively blogs du jour... Read more

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Eating Local: Shopping for a European Picnic

If you want to eat like a local — enjoying tasty local specialties economically — picnic. While I'm the first to admit that restaurant meals are an important aspect of any culture, in Europe I picnic almost daily. This is not solely for budgetary reasons... Read More

Europe for the Physically-Active Traveler

Whether you're a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, if you like to keep your heart pumping while sightseeing, you've got plenty of great options in Europe. From scenic jogs through Stockholm to paddling a boat in Hyde Park to biking through... Read More

Expo Milan 2015: A Global Travel Show

This year, Milan is throwing the world's biggest party. Expo 2015, which opened on May 1, will entertain an estimated 20 million visitors until it closes at the end of October. While world expositions don't get the attention they used to, they still provide... Read More

Guest Travel Blogs: Cameron Hewitt

I'm nearing the end of my two-plus-week swing through Italy, updating our guidebook chapters on Naples, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, and Milan. And no matter how many times you return to a place, there's always something new to experience... Read More

Travel Forum: Not Enough Time for…

I see many comments here that advise people not to try to visit such and such a place if they have only a day, three days, six hours, whatever. I would like to add my comment. I have been to Europe many times, lived for a year in Germany and a year in... Read More

Video of the Month: Italy's Rural B&Bs

Last month Rick spent a delightful day popping in on the wonderful agriturismi he recommends in his Italy guidebook. An agriturismo is a rural B&B run by small farmers who are trying to survive in a modern economy. Here in Italy, you can’t call... Watch the Video