March Travel News

Hi from Rick: A New Travel Partner...and More

The next best thing to a great trip is to share that experience with a great travel partner. Today I'm happy to tell you I've added a new one. Rosetta Stone — the best-known name in language learning — has become a featured sponsor of my Travel with Rick Steves public radio show and podcasts.

I've always preached that connecting with people is a big part of a meaningful travel experience. The warmth of the welcome you'll get starts with pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and gains momentum as you pick up the basics of a language. Europeans are charmed by visitors who make the extra effort to greet, thank, and ask for things in the local language. The more easily you can communicate, the better you'll connect with the people and culture you've traveled so far to experience... Read more

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Having Fun with Travel Clichés

In my work throughout Europe, I struggle almost daily with this issue: When is a tourist experience actually a unique slice of a culture, and when is it a tired cliché kept alive by the travel industry?...Read More

What's New in Germany & Austria for 2015

Germany and Austria are a work in progress — each country has great and innovative museums and galleries to share its culture with its many visitors. Here's the latest for 2015: While trains are usually the easiest way for Americans to get around...Read More

Naples: Italy in Your Face

Crammed with chaos, Naples is appalling and captivating at the same time. It's Italy's third largest city, along with being its most polluted and crime-ridden and densely populated. But this tangled mess still somehow manages to breathe, laugh...Read More

Porto: Portugal Without the Tourists

Porto ages happily on the Douro River, along with most of the world's port wine, near where the river meets the Atlantic. Porto comes with a steady sea breeze and a seagull soundtrack. Discount airlines like Ryanair now fly straight to the city...Read More

Pondering German History in Nürnberg

From a traveler's perspective, Nürnberg — Bavaria's second city — has it all: excellent museums, thought-provoking history, glorious red-sandstone Gothic architecture, and a charming Old Town encircled by a nearly intact...Read More

Travel Forum: The Most Interesting Cemeteries in Europe?

What are some of the best cemeteries in Europe that people have been to in terms of art work and mood? One of my faves is Kerepesi in Budapest...Read More

Video of the Month: Pedestrian-Friendly Prague and a Czech Language Lesson

One of Europe's most pleasant strolls is along Prague's historic coronation route. Smart travelers use this pedestrian-friendly route as a spine, but make a point to venture beyond, and learn enough Czech to interact with the locals...Watch the Video