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Hi from Rick: Wonderstruck in Tuscany, and My Newest App

I'm perched in the Tuscan hill town of Montepulciano, looking out my window over a corduroy commotion of red roof tiles and a labor-intensive sea of vineyards. Just beyond misty Lake Trasimeno, I can see all the way to Cortona, another hill town where I slept last night. I'm pondering how travel here leaves a person wonderstruck — the experienced and the novice alike. Just today, I met a happy string of wonderstruck Americans immersed in great trips.

A family from Philadelphia, enjoying their first visit to Italy, just told me that room 6 in Albergo Bellavista has an amazing view I've got to see. I sipped a Nobile Montepulciano with a Californian wine guy in an ancient cellar, each of us remarking on how being immersed in the grit of history enriches a wine-tasting experience... Read more

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Thriving in Europe's Most Expensive Cities

Mastery of Europe's major cities — Rome, Paris, London, Vienna — is the mark of a good traveler. Teeming with color, energy, and cultural vibrancy, these places — while expensive — richly reward the thoughtful traveler. There are plenty of ways... Read More

John Paul II Sights: Visiting the World of a Modern-Day Saint

Recently, the world marked the 10th anniversary of the death of John Paul II, one of the most beloved popes of recent times. During his papacy, from 1978 to 2005, he was the highly visible face of the Catholic Church as it labored to stay relevant in an... Read More

Eccentric Europe: Offbeat but On-Target Sights

Way back in my student travel days, I discovered a handful of completely offbeat sights that remain among my favorite places in Europe. From sculptures of salt to sculptures of marzipan, from a wall dedicated to love and freedom to chapels decorated... Read More

Travel Forum: Beware of Expert Thieves!

Arriving in the sweet hamlet of Lucca gave a sense of peace from hectic travel in Italian cities! Travelers who come here must be warned that the shopping is incredible — and this makes one open for target! I went into a shop to try on some beautiful... Read More

Rick Steves Audio Europe: Freshly Updated

The Rick Steves Audio Europe™ app organizes Rick's vast library of radio interviews and audio tours into geographic-specific playlists, so you can enjoy ready access to the information that relates specifically to your Europe travel plans. You'll get Rick's... Read More

Video of the Month: An Ancient Seduction in Athens

Along with updating my guidebooks when I travel, I enjoy giving my audio tours a "road test." My audio tour co-author Gene Openshaw and I are always looking for ways to make the 45 tours in our Rick Steves Audio Europe app smoother and easier than ever... Watch the Video