April Travel News

Hi from Rick: Eating Up Europe…One City at a Time

This week I've flown — as I have every year at this time since the 1980s — to Europe to kick off another spring of exploring, checking, learning, tasting, and sipping. This photo features a bit of my "Welcome to Rome" meal — or what's left of it — at Ristorante Fortunato. Oh, baby, I'm in for some good eating in the next couple of months!

I'm already enjoying thinking of the euro as being worth a buck. I've done this in the past (when a euro cost $1.35) in order to con myself into splurging a bit… but now, with a rate of $1.10 to the euro, that shortcut is almost honest.

Landing in Rome, I reviewed my guidebook for tips on getting into the center by taxi. It says, "The legal fixed rate to anywhere in the center of town is €48. Cabbies will complain and say it's more... Read more

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Video of the Month: Eating and Drinking in Europe

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