August Travel News

Hi from Rick: Illuminated in England

I've been exploring southern England for the past couple of weeks — busy researching my guidebook and putting the finishing touches on a soon-to-be-announced 2016 Rick Steves tour of this rewarding (and underappreciated) slice of Europe.

While researching, I have to check out the tourist clichés (like the disturbingly popular Land's End). And, as I find is the case anywhere in Europe, what's most rewarding in our travels has little to do with what's famous. It's in the smell of the sea at low tide, how the sun slashes through the trees as you hike to a ruined castle, the satisfaction of finding a new taste treat and enjoying it like an old friend on the second day, and relating to people you meet about the joys and challenges in their lives... Read more

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Sightseeing at Dawn

The rising Riviera sun touches the tip of Vernazza's bell tower and greets a peaceful world. When the bells chime six, I know it's time to get up. Last night's wind is gone. There's a refreshing damp coolness in the air and a rare Italian silence… Read More

Rome After Dark

In Rome, sunset brings unexpected magic. A stroll in the cool of the summer evening is made memorable by the romance of the Eternal City. The tourist who retreats at night to an air-conditioned hotel room is missing the best time to plunge into Rome… Read More

Tracking Napoleon's Rise and Fall in Paris

Working on my TV shows and guidebooks in Europe, I try to get the straight story on history, but it can be tricky. I keep remembering Napoleon's quote: "What is history but a myth agreed upon?" The 200th anniversary of the Battle… Read More

The Easy Streets of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, is an improbable combination of corny Danish clichés, well-dressed executives having a business lunch amid cutting-edge contemporary architecture, and some of the funkiest counterculture in Europe. And yet… Read More

Guest Blog: Skyla in Europe

Recent high school graduates Skyla and Gabby are on a month-long rail trip across Europe — without parents! Follow along as they blunder through independent travel and experience Paris, Switzerland, Venice, Budapest, Kraków, and more… Read More

Travel Forum: How to Feel Better When Things Go Wrong?

My wife and I are currently on our 2nd trip to Europe. Last year, we loved our trip to Paris, Barcelona, Italy, and Dublin. This year, we're traveling in Belgium, the Rhine Valley, and Amsterdam. We're in Bruges today, and getting ready to… Read More

Video of the Month: That's One Big Pickle

While updating my London guidebook this week, I was struck by the construction and the changing skyline. With my local guide, Gillian Chadwick, I marveled at the energy of new London, as it seems intent on building itself out of… Watch the Video