Program 357: Chachapoyas, Peru; Embedded; Exploring AndalucĂ­a

Release Date: 03-08-2014

On Air Description

On the next Travel with Rick Steves, we'll learn about the pre-Inca sites of the northern Peru cloud forest, where the tourist crowds of Cuzco are hundreds of miles away.

A radio journalist describes what it was like to be embedded with the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he got to observe the day to day lives of soldiers in the green zone.

And guides from Spain explain how the southern region of Andalucía is a soulful home to many of the time-honored traditions of Spain. Explore the world each week on Travel with Rick Steves.


  • Lonely Planet Peru writer Carolina Miranda
  • public radio producer Jake Warga
  • Madrid-based tour guides Federico Garcia Barroso and Javier Menor

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  • Caller describes serving in Iraq during the "surge" of 2007-2008, and wearing about 45 pounds of special equipment in extreme heat.  "I carried a few special things with me every day.  I still carry some of the emotion with me too."   (Tom in Oxnard, California)
  • "In Granada we had a fantastic meal at one of the carmens overlooking the Alhambra. What a sight. We so highly recommend it!"  Describes a sunset visit to a "carmen" restaurant.     (Awilda in Douglasville, Georgia)
  • Wants to include hiking in plans for a visit to Spain.  "What are your favorite hiking trails in Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and elsewhere in Andalucia? Do you have white-water rafting or kayaking recommendations?"     (Susan in Macon, Georgia)
  • Describes the warmth of people in Andalucía and how easy it is for visitors to fit in.  "I absolutely love Andalucia.  I studied in Sevilla for four months while in college.  Lived with a host family in the working class Los Remedios part of the city.  Also explored much of the region such as Cordoba, various pueblos blancos (Arcos, Ronda), and have even headed to the coast to Malaga and Salobrena. I have taken my 55 year old mother to Sevilla to experience the culture -- and my 30 year old wife."    (Matt in Chicago) 

Incidental Music

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Dated References

  • In the billboard and segment A interview, Rick refers to overcrowding at Macchu Pichu in Peru.  In the open to segment A, Rick says the visitor numbers there are at 2-million visitors a year.  Carolina adds that Cuzco is also crowded and heavily-touristed. 
  • Carolina suggests that September and October is the best time of year to visit Chachapoyas, before the rainy season begins. 
  • At 16:17, she adds that Chachapoyas is inexpensive, compared to the touristy south of Peru.  She says a good meal in the north will be no more than US$20, and comfortable B&B rooms go for around US$50-70 a night. 
  • In segment B, Jake Warga describes his observations at American military bases in Iraq, starting in 2009.  At 21:58, he states that wars today are largely "informational."
  • Jake first mentions "PAO" and what it stands for at 23:29.  Then at 26:42, he asks Rick, "Pop Quiz, what's 'PAO'?"  
  • At 25:26, Jake says he went to Iraq to spend Christmas with the troops. 
  • At 37:25 Jake says "we will be leaving soon, and quickly" in reference to removing U.S. troops from Afghanistan (scheduled by the end of 2014).
  • At 44:10 caller Awilda says she went to Granada "this past October" to visit relatives. 
  • At 51:17 the discussion centers on the traditions associated with the Spring Fair in Seville. 
  • Javier refers to Jaen, Spain as the "olive oil world capital" in the billboard, and at 57:36 in segment C.

Program Extras

Pgm 357 extra 1 - Journalist Jake Warga elaborates on his experience as an "embedded" visitor, covering the lives of soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones, and even sleeping in one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces. Plus, caller Tom from California explains how he dealt with boredom while in service during the US military surge in Iraq. (runs 7:00)

Pgm 357 extra 2 - Rick and Spanish tour guides Federico Garcia Barroso and Javier Menor reveal how people cope with the heat of summer in southern Spain. (runs 2:54)