Program 360: Joanna Lumley's Travels; Holy Toledo; Good Night and God Bless

Release Date: 04-05-2014

On Air Description

Global travel is in British actress Joanna Lumley's blood.  On the next Travel with Rick Steves, we'll hear why her family is revered in Bhutan. 

Guides from Spain chat with Rick about the highlights of their country's spiritual capital, Toledo. 

And we'll hear how you can find an affordable room and a good breakfast at prime locations across of Europe. . . at convents and monasteries that have gone into the hospitality business.

Renew your passport as a citizen of the world, each week on Travel with Rick Steves. 

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  • British actress Joanna Lumley
  • Spanish tour guides Jorge Roman and Francisco Glaria
  • Trish Clark, author of the "Good Night and God Bless" guidebook series (Paulist Press)

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  • Caller discusses historic Judiaca sites in Toledo and Cordova. (Donald in Richmond, Indiana)

Incidental Music

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Dated References

  • Rick tells Joanna Lumley at 8:50 that "a year or two ago, I was in London checking out the construction for the Olympic stadium."
  • At 10:23, Joanna refers to the November 11th Remembrance Day observances in London each year. 
  • In taking about the Spanish Civil War around 26:30, Rick and guests note that the topic is still difficult to discuss candidly in Spain without inflaming opposing sides. 
  • At 32:00 caller Donald says he's going to Spain "in a few weeks."
  • At 55:30, Trish notes that the cost of convent accommodations in Florence has doubled in the past four years to about  €80 for a double room.  She notes at 56:54 that accommodations run by religious orders often have a curfew of 11:00 or 11:30pm.