Program 372: Albania; Walking Vienna; Living as a Borderless European

Release Date: 07-19-2014

On Air Description

Seasoned travelers are excited about Albania. On this week's Travel with Rick Steves, we'll hear why Albania ranks high on the list of places to discover, as it emerges from decades of isolation.

We'll get tips for enjoying the arts and comforts of Vienna, where every day is like a Sunday afternoon.  We'll explore what the freedom to relocate within the European Union feels like.  And we'll hear about Rick's first unescorted trip to Europe, right out of high school in the summer of  '73. 

Imagine yourself someplace you never expected, on Travel with Rick Steves.


  • David Willett, Australian-based tour guide specializing in southeast Europe
  • Ben Curtis, tour guide specializing in the Balkans, associate professor of political science at Seattle University, and author of "A Traveler's History of Croatia" (Interlink) and "The Habsburgs: The History of a Dynasty" (Bloomsbury).
  • Andrea Wolf, Austrian-based tour guide
  • Susanna Perrucchini, Italy-born tour guide based in Madrid
  • Tricia Brady, Scottish-born tour guide based in Italy
  • Gene Openshaw, co-author of "Rick Steves' Europe 101" (Avalon)

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  • "What are the cultural offerings of Albania?  I am interested in Byzantine icons and wondering if there are good museums in Albania."  (William in Miami, Florida)
  • "Driving through Europe in the Summer of 2010, we did not see any tourists in Albania. The highway was being built as we were driving it! We enjoyed our stays in Gjirokastra with its impressive castle, and Berat, with great food, prices, and hospitality.  Albania was a highlight in our European adventure!"  (Donna in Yakima, Washington)
  • Caller is traveling with a friend to Vienna and vicinity soon.  "We are looking forward to at least one special musical experience and are wondering if there are websites listings we can review before we depart the US, or where to go in Vienna to check out what's available? Should tickets be purchased in advance?"  (Katie in Eden Prairie, Minnesota)
  • Family is making its first trip to Vienna. "What are some fun and interesting sites in and around Vienna for a middle schooler?"   (Justin in Duvall, Washington)


Incidental Music

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  • Turk Muzigi Saz Eserleri, “Mahur Saz Semai,” Darus-Sifa: The Ottoman Music / Kalan Muzik (Turkey)
  • Caroline Goulding, "Gypsy Caprice (Kreisler)," Caroline Goulding / Telarc
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Dated References

  • In his intro to segment A, Rick notes that Albania is called "the number one new destination" by Lonely Planet.   Ben and David describe the welcome visitors receive from the locals. 
  • At 9:34, Ben says you can get a decent hotel room in Albania for about 25 euros a night. 
  • The segment C interview, and promos for it, refer to European Union policies that allow relocating from one member state to another. 
  • At 44:33, Tricia Brady mentions that the economic crisis has affected European vacation home in Spain, France and Italy.  Susanna responds to Rick that many people are relocating to northern European countries where economic opportunities are more numerous.  At 45:35, she adds that Spain has the highest unemployment rate in Europe. 
  • Tricia says at 48:25 that she does not favor Scottish nationalism but, instead, feels "European."


Program Extras

More with Susanna Perrucchini - Susanna Perrucchini and Tricia Brady talk about the ex-pat communities, and bureaucratic hurdles, that they have encountered in their adopted European countries. (runs 2:44)