This Week's European News Headlines

Wednesday, July 30

In Paris, a playful path along the Seine (New York Times)

A taste of Barcelona’s evolving dining scene (New York Times)

Oxford, behind the lens (in pictures) (BBC)

Shakespeare’s Globe is a theatrical laboratory (BBC)

10 hidden beaches, bays and walks on the UK coast (The Guardian)

Jordan’s "Grand Canyon" (video) (Budget Travel)

Tuesday, July 29

TSA offering $15,000 for best screening-line ideas (Seattle Times)

See film theme park in Rome for a few euros more (Seattle Times)

Paris hotels experiment with honesty rates (CNN)

Autumn is when Europe airfares begin to fall (Seattle Times)

Best of the UK’s national parks (The Guardian)

Seven reasons to visit The Hague (CNN)

Monday, July 28

JetBlue considers charging for first bag under new fare structure (Bloomberg)

Ukraine detours probably mean higher airfares (Seattle Times)

Air travel a leap of faith for passengers (Seattle Times)

Europe’s first Peace Walk begins (BBC)

It’s Masterpieces vs. the Masses at museums (New York Times)

Travelers beware:  no vacation from scams (Seattle Times)

Friday, July 25

Turkey launches high-speed train link between Istanbul and Ankara (BBC)

A Turkish town where baklava beckons (New York Times)

Picasso’s daughter  to donate father’s works to renovated Paris museum (The Guardian)

Remote Irish island to be featured in new Star Wars film (The Guardian)

Stepping into the frame in the south of France (New York)

33 most memorable family vacations (Budget Travel)

hursday, July 24

Glitch crashes global US passport and visa operations (Seattle Times)

How to do Umbria, Italy on a budget (The Guardian)

Taste Sicily’s staples, from seafood to cous cous (USA Today)

Five myths about flight attendants (USA Today)

Best apps to prevent travel mishaps (USA Today)

British souvenirs made (one at a time) in Britain (New York Times)

Wednesday, July 23

Glasgow ready for Commonwealth Games (BBC)

Irish villagers answer café ban on loud American visitors (BBC)

The curious world of England’s street furniture (BBC)

Guide to the Greek island of Crete (The Guardian)

How many Greek legends were really true? (BBC)

Photo storage by your personality (New York Times)