This Week's European News Headlines

Monday, September 22

Air France pilots reject offer to end eight-day-old strike (BBC)

Top 10 family-friendly city apartments in Europe (The Guardian)

When commoners call on Buckingham Palace (Seattle Times)

Bernini’s restored fountain to reopen at base of Spanish Steps (ANSA)

Greeks captivated by Alexander-era tomb at Amphipolis (BBC)

Slideshow: Munich’s Oktoberfest 2014 kicks off (Telegraph)

Friday, September 19

Scots spurn independence in historic vote (Reuters)

In Rotterdam, produce real and digital (New York Times)

At Buckingham Palace, a dancing guard throws decorum to the wind (New York Times)

Art and the Berlin wall: 8 places to visit (CNN)

10 books to read before you go to Paris (Huffington Post)

Top 10 fall things to do in Ireland (National Geographic)

Thursday, September 18

Live updates on Scottish independence referendum (The Guardian)

Scottish vote weighs pride against risk (New York Times)

Air France pilots threaten to extend strike (Reuters)

Dutch town honors US soldiers’ wartime bravery (New York Times)

Video: Spanish flamenco: Is this the last of the castanet makers? (BBC)

Slideshow: The hidden Scottish Highlands (BBC)

Wednesday, September 17

Massive rallies mark Scottish referendum climax; vote is Sept 18 (BBC)

Air France strike stretches into third day (The Local)

Matisse exhibit is Tate’s most successful show (BBC)

Caminito del Rey, Spain: One of the world’s scariest hikes to reopen (The Guardian)

Seven easy tips for packing light (Budget Travel)

Villy: A travel-planning site that cuts to the chase (New York Times)

Tuesday, September 16

Six wild and beautiful places you must see in Europe (Budget Travel)

Hip Helsinki city break (The Guardian)

Villa of Livia now open to the public (ANSA)

Kristy Wark’s Scotland: Some of my favorite places (The Guardian)

End of the line for Europe’s sleeper trains (The Guardian)

Salmond and Cameron offer rival visions for Scotland’s future (BBC)

Monday, September 15

Air France pilots begin week-long strike (BBC)

Five surreal towns, shaped by nature (BBC)

Athens city guide: Where to stay, eat, drink, and more (The Guardian)

Getting the right pass for airport security (Seattle Times)

Exploring Oxford, the ultimate university town (Seattle Times)

Video: Three apps for visiting Paris (New York Times)

Friday, September 12

How to be Parisian? Move to Paris (The Guardian)

Scotland’s incredible landscapes (in pictures) (The Guardian)

Is this the world’s most ‘British’ vacation? (CNN)

Italy’s Lake Garda better than Como? (Wall Street Journal)

8 of the best nude beaches in Europe (Huffington Post)

Is Leipzig the new Berlin? (The Guardian)

Thursday, September 11

September is National Passport Awareness Month with special events planned around the country (State Department)

Shoulder season bargains in Europe (Budget Travel)

Classical music galore during a European visit (Seattle Times)

A whole new world in Berlin, but the Wall’s traces remain (Washington Post)

Downtime in the country at a Cotswold’s farm in Britain (Washington Post)

High-tech survey exposes hidden Stonehenge (KOMO News)

Wednesday, September 10

Lufthansa cancels flights as pilots go on strike (Seattle Times)

A makeover for a Lisbon food market  (New York Times)

Pompeii to host opera festival (ANSA)

Tate Britain’s Turner exhibition opens (The Guardian)

England’s most unusual buildings open their doors for heritage festival (The Guardian)

Love locks around the world (The Guardian)