This Week's European News Headlines

Friday, October 17

Paris "tree sculpture" generates lots of comments (BBC)

Fire destroys historic church in Belgium (BBC)

Do airlines treat pets better than humans passengers? (Washington Post)

Top 10 new bars, cafes and restaurants in Paris (The Guardian)

How to fight in-flight germs (Seattle Times)

Quiz: Flags of the world (The Guardian)

Thursday, October 16

Lufthansa's Germanwings pilots on strike (BBC)

Plato inspires sculptures in Paris (BBC)

36 hours in Athens (New York Times)

Making the markets fresh again in Barcelona (New York Times)

Strolling along East London's Fournier Street (New York Times)

Top 10 riads in Marrakech (The Guardian)

Wednesday, October 15

Flooding in Italy continues and causes deaths (ANSA)

Photographs by Franco Fontana go on display in Rome (ANSA)

Finding oases of calm in three European cities (New York Times)

The world’s 10 most amazing design hotels (in pictures) (The Guardian)

Sweet dreams in seven heavenly European inns (New York Times)

Nine ways travelers are handling Ebola anxiety (CNN)

Tuesday, October 14

New exhibit in London paints Rembrandt as "modern" artist (BBC)

Traveling safely in an uncertain world (Seattle Times)

Copenhagen’s piles of bicycles (BBC)

Seeing the tragic past and rebirth of Jewish Berlin (Seattle Times)

Top 10 craft beer pubs in Cardiff, Wales (The Guardian)

Take a tour of "wild" Europe (video) (Budget Travel)

Monday, October 13

Rome hosts first Memling retrospective (ANSA)

Ancient mosaic found in Greece (BBC)

Previously unseen Pablo Picasso self-portrait now on view in London (BBC)

Newly restored Rembrandt shows another portrait underneath (BBC)

Stockholm city guide:  what to do plus the best bars, restaurants and hotels (The Guardian)

How to get a better airplane seat (Seattle Times)

Friday, October 10

101 gorgeous getaways (in pictures) (Budget Travel)

Jordan’s “Grand Canyon” (video) (Budget Travel)

Without hype, here’s one of the best travel videos ever…and it’s of Turkey (Skift)

In Turkey, a display of a coffee ritual (New York Times)

20 family villa holidays in Europe to book now for next summer (The Guardian)

Dancing all night long in Amsterdam (The Guardian)

Thursday, October 9

Next week's planned London Tube strike has been postponed (BBC)

How to do Oslo on a budget (Budget Travel)

In France, a steampunk park of Jules Verne's dreams (BBC)

Rome's third metro line will open later this month (ANSA)

The art of slowing down in a museum (New York Times)

Should Google Flight Search be the go-to when searching for fares?  (Washington Post)

Wednesday, October 8

Italian museums host family day out on Sunday (ANSA)

Greece turns to social media and stickers for latest ad campaign (Skift)

The best map app for every kind of transportation (ABC News)

An English market town draws a cutting-edge cast (New York Times)

10 most embarrassing travel questions (Budget Travel)

Top 10 hotels, B&Bs and hostels in England for walkers (The Guardian)

Tuesday, October 7

Eiffel Tower gets glass floor in refurbishment project (BBC)

London Underground staff will stage 48-hour strike next week (BBC)

A cavalcade of cocktails in London (New York Times)

In Venice, navigating like a native (New York Times)

Going beyond bucolic Provence with author Peter Mayle (Seattle Times)

How to view art: be dead serious about it, but don’t expect too much (Washington Post)

Monday, October 6

Beware the “six-month” rule for passport validity (Seattle Times)

Holiday guide to Calabria, Italy (The Guardian)

Unearthing Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the modern heart of ancient Thrace (BBC)

Eight tested tips for visiting Barcelona (Budget Travel)

Ebola and travel (New York Times)

School for safety: how to survive a plane crash (Seattle Times)