This Week's European News Headlines

Thursday, July 24

Glitch crashes global US passport and visa operations (Seattle Times)

How to do Umbria, Italy on a budget (The Guardian)

Taste Sicily’s staples, from seafood to cous cous (USA Today)

Five myths about flight attendants(USA Today)

Best apps to prevent travel mishaps (USA Today)

British souvenirs made (one at a time) in Britain (New York Times)

Wednesday, July 23

Glasgow ready for Commonwealth Games (BBC)

Irish villagers answer café ban on loud American visitors (BBC)

The curious world of England’s street furniture (BBC)

Guide to the Greek island of Crete (The Guardian)

How many Greek legends were really true? (BBC)

Photo storage by your personality (New York Times)

Tuesday, July 22

Top 10 UK dinosaur attractions(The Guardian)

Cool Scandinavian hotels (The Guardian)

Bergen, Norway and the Frozen effect (The Guardian)

Stockholm’s top 10 good value restaurants (The Guardian)

Getting on a plane?  Put these numbers in your phone (ABC News)

The 12 US airports with the fastest Wi-Fi connections (Skift)

Monday, July 21

Controversial airfare bill could get through Congress’ back door (Seattle Times)

Oslo on a budget (The Guardian)

30 extraordinary photos of caves around the world (Budget Travel)

Women may face travel’s dark side (Seattle Times)

The only app travelers truly need on their smartphones (Skift)

Inventive, cheaper tools for learning a language (New York Times)

Friday, July 18

French high-speed TGV train crashes in southern France near Bayonne (BBC)

10 best craft beer pubs in Glasgow (The Guardian)

Norway’s stunning landscapes in summer (in pictures) (The Guardian)

Living in Istanbul (BBC)

Cost of living comparison for Istanbul (BBC)

Finding savings for your phone on the road (New York Times)

Thursday, July 17

Glasgow’s top budget eats (The Guardian)

Marilyn Monroe’s new Polish home (BBC)

33 picture-perfect reasons to love Paris (Budget Travel)

In London, you can join the show (New York Times)

Fauna, flora and freighters in the Danube delta (New York Times)

Are upgrades in flights, hotels and rental cars always a good deal? (Washington Post)