Travel Skills Classes

City-Hopping on a Budget

These days, you're more likely to jet set around Europe to see the top destinations than take the milk train with a rail pass. Learn how to play the budget airline game, make the most of your money, plug into the local culture, find the best hostels, and get off the beaten path to collect unforgettable memories from your time overseas.

European Cruising 101

Designed for first-time cruisers, this introductory class covers a wide range of topics including the factors to weigh when choosing and booking a cruise, how to approach all the optional add-ons and practical travel skills for enjoying your time both on the ship and in port.

European Rail Skills

Our European rail experts teach all you need to know about European trains. We'll help you figure out which rail pass is best for you, and cover sleeping on night trains, reading timetables, reserving seats, paying for supplements, and more.

European Sleeps: Beyond Hotels and B&Bs

Whether you’re a student, a large family, or hoping to stay in the countryside for a week, there are great options for where you sleep — hostels, rentals, home exchanges, or couch surfing are great lodging alternatives. We’ll share tips and information to help you decide if one of these options is right for your trip.

European Travel Planning 101

How should a first-time independent traveler start planning a trip to Europe? Learn how to avoid the most frequently made trip planning mistakes. We'll focus on creating a realistic itinerary, choosing the right transportation option, making essential reservations, packing with purpose, finding good lodging and sorting through the most useful online resources. This class cures those "wish I'd known that before I took my first trip" blues.

European Travel Skills

We'll teach you the secrets of safe, smart, inexpensive travel — low on stress and high on fun. You'll learn how to plan an efficient itinerary, pack light, eat and sleep comfortably on a budget, navigate Europe's rail system, maximize adventure and minimize crowds, and experience the real Europe...through the back door!

European Travel Skills Q & A

Planning a trip to Europe? Ask questions like you would during a private travel consultation, but for free. An expert will be on hand to help you better understand currency, packing, transportation, itinerary planning, and more.

Family Tours Q&A

Looking for a fun, low-stress way to introduce your kids to Europe? Rick Steves Family Tours provide an active, engaging and educational experience for all ages. Families learn about history, art and culture through kid-friendly presentations, neighborhood walks and museum tours. Join us to ask questions and learn more about our Family tours. 

Hosteling — Not Just for Youth Anymore

Hostels are a great alternative for travelers on a budget, in large groups, families, and those traveling solo. In this class you will learn where to locate hostels and what they offer as well as some tips to help make your hostel stay safe, relaxed, and enjoyable. 

Mediterranean Cruise Ports

This port-by-port rundown of the top Mediterranean cruise destinations covers tips on how to get from the port into town quickly and affordably, and strategies for making the most of your limited time on land for Barcelona, the French Riviera, Florence, Rome, Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens, the Greek Isles, and Istanbul.

Northern European Cruise Ports

This port-by-port rundown of the top Northern European cruise destinations covers tips on how to get from the port into town quickly and affordably, and strategies for making the most of your limited time on land for Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Warnemünde (Berlin), Oslo, Bergen, the Norwegian fjords, and more.

Packing Light & Right

You'll learn now or you'll learn later: The first step to a great trip is packing light — you can travel for months with one carry-on size bag and still have everything you need for a great trip. We'll distribute packing lists, show off the latest in lightweight luggage, and demonstrate a professionally packed bag.

Rick Steves Tours: Intro and Q&A

Learn all about the Rick Steves style of touring. We'll share information about our small group experience, comfy and quaint tour hotels, memorable meals, roomy buses and how our great guides make the art, history and unique cultures of Europe come to life. Find out more about our European tours.

My Way Tours Q&A

Considering joining a Rick Steves My Way "un-guided" tour? Packaged to include city-to-city transportation and central hotels with free days to enjoy sightseeing at your own pace, My Way tours are a great fit for independent, low-stress travelers and families with kids as young as 8. In this session, an expert will be on hand to tell you more about the details and help you determine if this is the right way to travel for you.

Tips for Healthy Travel

In this class, you'll learn how to strengthen your immune system, keep your digestion happy, and maintain particular diets or support a health concern while you travel. You’ll also learn what to do if you ever need to see a doctor or pharmacist while traveling abroad.

Travel as a Volunteer

Joyce Major, author of "Smiling at the World," shares her experience with "voluntourism.” You’ll learn how to get closer to the local community by working side by side with them in their pursuits.

Traveling Solo

No matter the destination, solo travel can be the most rewarding adventure of your life. Learn insider tips from a seasoned-pro on how to save money, travel safely, overcome language barriers, travel alone without being lonely, and much more.

Traveling with a Tablet or Smartphone

Wondering where to start with your new iPad or smartphone? You’ll learn basic functions like how to turn off data and use your device in WiFi mode, maximize your tablet or phone's potential with useful travel apps, navigate using maps and ebooks and stay in touch. Tutorials limited to Apple and Android users.