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Growing Hope Globally

Donation: $50,000

Growing Hope Globally (Growing Hope) works with farmers and community groups in the US to fight hunger in developing countries. Our donation will help Growing Hope implement climate-smart farming techniques and sanitation practices in northwestern Honduras.

Why They're Climate Smart

In a world where 800 million people suffer from hunger, the increase of extreme climate change-related weather has significantly destabilized the environment in which families live and work. Honduras is especially vulnerable to natural disasters, including floods, landslides, droughts, and fires. Communities that don't build durable infrastructures and develop alternative livelihoods that deal with the realities of climate change become more desperate, less stable, and have no choice but to migrate to other countries, including the US.

With this donation, Growing Hope and their partners will empower the communities in northwest Honduras to establish sustainable agricultural livelihoods, implement a sanitation infrastructure, and advocate with their government to protect their natural resources.

Through their Macuelizo program, Growing Hope will help farmers diversify their crops to enrich soil quality, reduce the need for pesticides, and increase food security; use eco-stoves to reduce firewood consumption, carbon emissions, and related deforestation; build latrines to prevent watershed pollution; and install water storage tanks to help combat the impact of more frequent droughts caused by climate change.

In addition, Growing Hope will provide opportunities for US communities to learn about and advocate for action in the face of climate change.

You can learn about and support Growing Hope Globally by donating.

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