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TED Talk by Rick Steves: Why Travel Is Well Worth the Money

Rick Steves writes European guidebooks and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio. His company, Rick Steves’ Europe, currently employs a well-traveled staff of 100 and offers a wealth of free travel information through its website, in-person Travel Center, and travel e-newsletters. In addition, Rick designs and sells fully-guided European bus tours and a line of travel gear that includes carry-on bags and accessories.

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Shooting at Germany's Wartburg Castle
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Hiking in Italy's Cinque Terre
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Following in Luther's footsteps in Wittenberg’s Market Square
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Revisiting the back door at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall, England
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Taping his radio show, Travel with Rick Steves
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Relaxing (chillaxing) in the Swiss Alps
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Taking a break from filming in central Turkey
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Cruising Stockholm's archipelago
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Speaking at the Edmonds Center for the Arts
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Teaching a Travel Skills class at the Edmonds Center for the Arts
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Shooting in Zagreb, Croatia
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Basking in the Norwegian sun above the Sognefjord
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Hanging out with schoolgirls in Iran
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Taking in the Mezquita in Córdoba, Spain
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Speaking at the Commonwealth Club in Palo Alto, California (vertical)
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Photo by William F. Adams


Speaking at the Chicago Travel Show (vertical)
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Photo by Mark Neyens


Interview Rick

If you'd like to interview Rick Steves, please email Here are some possible story angles:

Story Angles

Ugly American Sentiment Abroad
Recently, much has been written about Americans being chastised or targeted in Europe because of the United States' foreign policy. Rick believes that although most Europeans take issue with US foreign policy, they feel differently about the American people. The following information, excerpted from Europe Through the Back Door, demonstrates how Americans can keep these "ugly" stereotypes just that.

Safe Travel
Many Americans are nervous about traveling now more than ever. And while the concern is natural, you're safer going to Europe than getting behind the wheel of your car.

Rick's Business
Rick Steves offers a tremendous amount of free travel information through his bi-annual travel newsletter, European travel classes, and his 3,000+ page website. The different components of Rick's business — his tours, travel store, television and radio productions, and guidebooks — feed off each other to create overall brand awareness. Furthermore, his business (Rick Steves' Europe, Inc.) has grown from a one-man operation to a thriving 100-employee office, and it sells more tours to Europe than ever before. Rick is the author of over 60 guidebooks, and his guidebook to Italy is the bestselling guidebook to any foreign destination in the United States.

Rick Supports Public Radio and Television
Rick raises millions of dollars annually for public radio and television. At a time when public radio and television stations are struggling financially, Rick enthusiastically raises money for public broadcasting.

Rick's Travel Philosophy
Travel is of the last great sources of legal adventure. Travel is intensified living, with maximum thrills per minute. It's recess, and we need it. Experiencing the real Europe requires catching it by surprise. Check out Rick's travel philosophy.

Rick's Social Activism
Rick believes that travel is more a vital force for peace than ever. He believes the most effective way individual Americans can contribute to our "Homeland Security" is to travel a lot, learn about the world, come home, and help the United States fit better into this ever-smaller planet. He also believes that America's current stand on world trade and the environment is in the world minority, and that the world's well-being depends on travel so we can understand other countries' policies on these issues. Learn more about Rick's social activism.

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