Our Climate Smart Commitment

Rick Steves' Europe Climate Smart Commitment™ Self-Imposed Carbon Tax

We believe that international travel is a powerful way to better understand and contribute to the world we live in. But every international flight emits damaging carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to the climate crisis.

What can we do?

Staying home isn't the answer. It's possible to mitigate this environmental toll by supporting climate-smart initiatives in developing countries, where the need — and the potential for change — is greatest. Each year, Rick Steves' Europe will invest in a portfolio of carefully selected nonprofits that fight climate change through government advocacy and on-the-ground work. Our goal: to pay our fair share of the environmental cost that our travelers incur, and to do so in a way that empowers communities throughout the developing world.

Join Us!

Scientists figure it takes about $30 of investment in environmental initiatives in the developing world to mitigate the carbon emissions created by one round-trip flight between the US and Europe. You can join us in creatively mitigating the carbon caused by your travels by supporting our Climate Smart Commitment with a tax-deductible donation to our fund at the National Philanthropic Trust.

For comments or questions, contact us at [email protected].

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2024 Climate Smart Portfolio

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2023 Portfolio Annual Report

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How and Why

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