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Fascism in Europe Pledge Event

Release June 1 — In this 90-minute pledge event (also a one-hour special), Rick traces fascism's history in Europe. Our goal: to learn from the hard lessons of the 20th century, and to recognize that ideology in the 21st century.

European Travel Tips & Tricks Pledge Event

Released March 2019 — In this 90-minute pledge event, Rick shares the essential skills for smart European travel, so others can learn from his experience and travel smarter.

Cruising the Mediterranean One-Hour Special

Released February 2019 — In this one-hour special, Rick sails from Barcelona to the French Riviera to Rome to Athens, exploring the ins and outs and pros and cons of cruising.

Rick Steves' Europe Season 10

Released October 2018 — This season's 12 episodes take you to Portugal, the Greek islands, Sicily, England, and Scotland — plus Europe's greatest festivals and Rick's top tips for cruising.

European Festivals Pledge Event

Released November 2018 — In this 90-minute pledge event about Europe's top 10 festivals, we'll run with the bulls at Pamplona, cheer on the horses at Siena's Palio, party at Munich's Oktoberfest, and more!

Rick Steves’ Europe Seasons and Specials