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Hope for Haiti

2021-22 Donation: $10,000
Donations to Date: $10,000

Hope for Haiti (HFH) creates community-based, sustainable change by empowering grassroots and holistic solutions to alleviate poverty. Our donation will allow HFH to address deforestation and malnutrition in Haiti by creating Carbon Storage Committees, a community-led initiative that will train local leaders to develop and implement sustainable agriculture techniques.

Why They’re Climate Smart

Reforestation efforts in Haiti often fail because many rural Haitians supplement their income by selling charcoal created through deforestation. As an alternative, HFH wants to help smallholder farmers use fruit trees to generate additional income and teach primary school age students about nutrition and climate smart practices to ensure the program’s sustainability.

Accordingly, HFH works in school gardens, smallholder plots, and tree nurseries to train and mentor farmers in the new farming techniques, teach students farming basics, and plant and/or sell seedlings in the community. In addition, HFH’s agronomist harvests vegetables for school lunch programs, their Community Health Workers teach nutrition at 24 partner schools, and the students and their families in four partner schools receive a fruit tree on Agriculture Day (May 1st).

Through this program, HFH hopes to reach low-income primary school students and their families in the communities of Les Cayes, Aquin, and St. Louis du Sud. They believe that by providing one hour of agriculture education and nutritional education each week, 1,492 families will benefit from an increase in food security, while mitigating the ongoing effects of deforestation, soil erosion, and malnutrition.

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