Climate Smart Commitment Grants

Each year, we fund a diverse portfolio of climate-smart nonprofits that meet the parameters of our program. Accordingly, we welcome grant requests from any US-based, tax-exempt organization that focuses on one of the following:

  • Helping people in the developing world adapt, live, and work in ways that contribute less to climate change and strengthen their communities
  • Lobbying the US government for climate-smart policies

Key 2023 Dates

Below is the timeline for 2023 grant submissions.

  • June 1–July 15, 2023: Letter of Interest (LOI) submission phase
  • September 1–30, 2023: Detailed submission phase
  • December 2023: Funding disbursed

Application Process

In order to reduce the burden on organizations seeking funding, as well as our burden in screening applications, the application process consists of two phases:

Phase One: Letter of Interest (LOI) Application
Phase Two: Detailed Submission

If an organization matches our values and goals, and we're interested in exploring funding opportunities, they'll be invited to submit a more detailed application. An additional list of requirements will be provided at that time.