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2019-20 Report: Citizens' Climate Education

Donation: $50,000

Our donation helped Citizens' Climate Education (CCE) strengthen their nationwide coalition of climate advocates, create a powerful counterweight to paid lobbyists advocating for the fossil fuel industry, and educate policymakers and the public about smart solutions to climate change.

CCE empowers people to advocate for effective and sustainable climate solutions at the grassroots level. Their volunteers build relationships that purposely bridge the partisan divide. They're organized into 466 chapters across the US and 102 chapters in 33 countries. In the US, CCE-trained volunteers lobbied to build bipartisan support for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R.763) and supported the launch of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the Senate.

In the last year, CCE held 4,773 local outreach events, added 76,000 new members (a 72 percent increase), launched 64 new chapters, held an all virtual international climate conference, and won the Keeling Curve Prize. Their volunteers collected almost 100,000 constituent letters to hand-deliver to Congress and held over 1,700 in-person meetings with congressional officers.

The key to CCE’s success: the belief that strong, vibrant communities have the power to reduce carbon emissions more than anyone else.