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Citizens’ Climate Education

Donation: $50,000

Citizens' Climate Education (CCE) is an advocacy organization that educates policymakers and the public about smart solutions to climate change. Our donation will​ strengthen their nationwide coalition of climate advocates and create a powerful counterweight to paid lobbyists advocating for the fossil fuel industry. 

Why They're Climate Smart

Bipartisan support is essential to creating lasting climate solutions. As long as climate change remains a partisan issue, solutions will inevitably be delayed or rolled back every time opposing parties assume power, and time is running too short for partisan gridlock.

CCE empowers a bipartisan coalition of over 150,000 climate advocates to educate policymakers and the public about effective and equitable solutions to climate change.​ CCE volunteers are organized into more than 450 active chapters across the country — representing 90 percent of all US congressional districts — and are trained to meaningfully engage their elected officials and local communities. Advocates meet with elected officials, write letters to members of Congress, get letters to the editor and op-eds published, host public outreach events, and build public support for action to fight climate change.

By engaging political conservatives and building climate consensus across the aisle, CCE's relationship-based approach to climate advocacy has defused partisan tensions and enabled an open dialogue on climate solutions. They work to advance climate policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the transition to a clean economy by building political will in Congress.

You can learn about and support Citizens' Climate Education by donating.

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