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Agros International

Donation: $150,000

Agros International works to break the cycle of poverty for farming families in rural Latin America. Our donation will enable Agros to develop an agribusiness center in Nicaragua that will help hundreds of farmers reduce their water and chemical use, improve soil conditions, help with the reforestation effort, protect water recharge zones, and stabilize their incomes.

Why They're Climate Smart 

Current farming methods produce a third of all greenhouse emissions worldwide — but they don't meet the world's growing demand for food and don't generate enough income for those growing the food.

Agros believes that there is a solution: the development of sustainable, climate-smart agribusinesses. Land ownership, market-led agriculture, financial empowerment, and health are the keys to creating long-term impact. Since 1984, Agros has partnered with 43 rural communities in five countries and impacted the lives of over 12,000 people. 

In Nicaragua, their proposed Climate-Smart Agribusiness Center will establish three training modules, which will help hundreds of farming families produce more food, generate more income, and help mitigate their contributions to climate change. These are: 

Hydroponic production: Hydroponic systems use water instead of soil and have a much higher yield per square foot than land, resulting in quadruple the number of harvests per year and a reduction in the use of chemicals and water for irrigation by over 50 percent.

Vermicomposting: Vermicomposting uses worms to transform organic waste into rich humus soil, allowing farmers to replace chemical fertilization with organic farm-made fertilizers (thereby keeping money within the community), improve soil conditions, and reduce production costs.

Forest and fruit tree nursery: As part of the reforestation effort, forest tree seedlings will be used to protect sensitive ecological areas, while commercially viable fruit trees will be used to help control soil erosion, regulate temperature, and establish additional sources of income.

You can learn about and support Agros International by donating.

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