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Bread for the World

Donation: $200,000

Bread for the World (Bread) is an advocacy organization working to end hunger at home and abroad. Our donation will allow Bread to scale up their advocacy and urge members of Congress to work with other nations (for example in the Paris Climate Accords) to fight climate change. Bread will raise awareness in our government about how climate change makes more people hungry and thus makes our world less stable. Bread will fight to protect programs that help low-income countries confront climate change.

Why They're Climate Smart

Climate change has become a significant cause of world hunger, and the US government is no longer playing a leadership role in dealing with the problem. The Trump administration is pushing to take the US out of the Paris Climate Accords and to cut international aid, including agricultural programs that help poor countries cope with climate change and reduce their impact on the environment. Most Americans understand that climate change is a serious threat to the US and that addressing it should be a top priority for the president and Congress.

Working through churches, campuses, and other organizations, Bread's nationwide network of concerned citizens urges members of Congress from both parties to protect these programs. Bread also works to raise public awareness about how climate change is contributing to global instability (including a surge of migration).

You can learn about and support Bread by donating.

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