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Food 4 Farmers

Donation: $50,000

Food 4 Farmers (F4F) partners with coffee-farming families in Latin America to increase food security. Our donation will allow F4F to teach climate-smart practices to these families, strengthen local food systems, reduce deforestation, and stabilize incomes.

Why They're Climate Smart

Many small-scale coffee-farming families in Latin America — along with millions of others — live below the Global Poverty Line on less than $2 per person, per day. This is largely due to their dependence on a single commodity crop and a lack of other opportunities to improve their livelihoods. Now, after decades of monoculture and chemical-dependent practices degrading their land and water, it's estimated that half of the world's coffee regions will be unable to produce the crop by 2050.

With this donation, F4F will partner with six coffee cooperatives — representing more than 8,000 farming families in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Colombia — to help transform their coffee farms into thriving, diversified, local food and economic hubs.

Through their home gardening program, F4F will teach a wide variety of sustainable farming practices, including the making of organic compost and pesticides, growing a diverse range of organic food crops, improving soil health, using agroforestry to mitigate soil erosion, and building low-cost water management systems to sustain gardens through dry seasons. Then, to help diversify the farmers' incomes, F4F will help establish local farmers' markets and teach beekeeping — which has the added benefit of reforesting the land with native plants to provide pollinators with food and shelter.

F4F believes that this agroecological approach — coupled with a concerted effort to engage women and young people in behavioral change, healthier diets, and climate-smart farm practices — will restore local ecosystems, enhance the quality of life, fight climate change, and create a healthier planet.

You can learn about and support Food 4 Farmers by donating.