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Rainforest Alliance

2021-22 Donation: $30,000
Donations to Date: $110,000

The Rainforest Alliance (RA) works with farmers and forest communities in over 70 countries to protect forests and biodiversity, take action on climate, and promote the rights and livelihoods of rural people. Our donations help the Rainforest Alliance expand their climate-smart agriculture work in Ghana, which allows farmers to adapt and prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Why They're Climate Smart

Climate change disproportionately affects the world's most vulnerable people — especially those in rural farm communities. This is notably true in Ghana, where cocoa is a vital commodity cash crop that provides livelihoods to over a million households. However, unsustainable cocoa production is a key driver of deforestation in Ghana and causes close to half of forest loss in Ghana’s high forest zone. The result is an unbalanced ecosystem with more erosion, heavier rains, longer droughts, and lower crop yields.

RA works to conserve Ghana's forest landscape and support the agricultural livelihoods of local farmers by providing them with the skills and resources necessary to sustainably produce cocoa and an incentive to manage their shade trees (in Ghana, the government owns the trees so farmers have no real motivation to care for them). Properly managed shade trees act as a carbon sink, improve soil conditions, restore tree cover, create a suitable habitat for wildlife, and improve the cocoa yield — resulting in crops and land that are more resilient, higher incomes, and food security.

Why They Receive Our Continued Support

Our donation will allow RA to continue to incentivize farmers, grow and register more trees, implement GPS technology to monitor tree survival rates, and transition accountability to local Management Boards which are responsible for ensuring climate smart agriculture practices are followed and illegal deforestation is tracked.

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