Zeitz Foundation

Donation: $100,000

The Zeitz Foundation (ZF) develops and implements ecologically responsible projects in the Greater Segera Region of Kenya. Our donation will allow ZF to build a tree nursery, create an arborist vocational training program for women, start the process of reforesting one million trees, and provide an alternative income stream to livestock, which will reduce overgrazing and deforestation.

Why They're Climate Smart

Over the last decade, Kenya has lost much of its forested land. The long-term effects of this deforestation contribute directly to climate change, affecting not only the biodiversity of plant and animal life but also the well-being of the communities who rely on the land. It's a vicious cycle resulting in more hunger, more destructive agricultural activities, and less stability.

With this funding, ZF will combine their women's education and vocational training objectives with their reforestation, conservation, and biodiversity efforts by establishing a Training Centre for Arborists, Gardeners, and Permaculture. As part of the initiative, ZF will recruit and train motivated women from the local communities to create a professional and sustainable tree nursery. Their goal is to plant 170,000 seedlings in Kenya by 2021. The nursery will also provide an alternative income source that will limit dependence on livestock, thereby reducing overgrazing, deforestation, and methane production (i.e., cow farts). And it will offer women an opportunity for independent incomes and financial freedom.

ZF shares the lessons and experiences of their "four C's" approach — combining conservation, community, culture, and commerce — through their Long Run network, encouraging other organizations to follow suit.

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