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Classes and Events

Rick Steves Tours: Festival of Europe

January 9–30, 2023, 6–7 p.m.

We’re throwing a virtual European travel festival — January 9–30, 2023! Imagine… 22 nights in a row we’ll take a virtual trip across Europe. It’s free and it’s fun — a celebration of Europe designed to help turn your 2023 travel dreams into smooth and affordable reality, whether on a Rick Steves bus tour or on your own. This event is free but registration is required.

Watch Live with Monday Night Travel

Join us live every Monday for our Monday Night Travel party! Together we'll travel to destinations across Europe and beyond with a Rick Steves' Europe guide and our Monday Night Travel crew (Gabe, Julianne, Lisa, and Ben) leading the way.

Watch Travel Classes on Demand

We have more than 90 video travel classes about destinations, travel skills, and more!