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Are you dreaming of travel? Join us live on Mondays for our Monday Night Travel series! Together we'll journey to destinations across Europe and beyond with expert guests leading the way. Each week, you'll learn about art, history, food, and culture while picking up tried-and-true travel tips along the way. You'll even have a chance to ask questions during a live Q&A. Whether you're planning a specific trip, dreaming up vacation ideas, or craving a virtual adventure with our merry band of travelers, Monday Night Travel welcomes you aboard!

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February 26: Hunger and Hope: Rick Steves and Eugene Cho on the Fight to End World Hunger

6:00 p.m. PT / 9:00 p.m. ET | REGISTER

This past Christmas, 6,000 fellow travelers joined Rick in his annual fundraiser for Bread for the World, which raises more than a million dollars each year to empower BFTW's exciting work. As a thank you to all, in this special edition of Monday Night Travel, Rick is joined by Eugene Cho, President of BFTW, for an update on global hunger and how that million dollars will be put to good use advocating for US policy to help make our world a more stable and just place by fighting hunger at home and abroad. All are welcome for this stimulating and inspirational discussion.

MNT Dubrovnik

March 4: Watch with Cameron: Dubrovnik and Balkan Side-Trips

6:00 p.m. PT / 9:00 p.m. ET | REGISTER

In this corner of Europe, a short drive takes you from Croatia's Catholic steeples to Bosnia's minarets and Orthodox domes...with some of the Continent's most dramatic scenery. Join Cameron Hewitt, who co-wrote and field-produced this episode of our travel series with Rick and our TV team, as he offers commentary and behind-the-scenes travel tales. We'll begin in beautiful Dubrovnik — Croatia's showcase destination — before side-tripping to Montenegro's fjord-like Bay of Kotor. Then we'll delve into Bosnia-Herzegovina to get a glimpse of both Serb and Muslim ways of life, ending in the formerly war-torn, currently thriving city of Mostar.

MNT Packing

March 11: Packing Travel Skills with Lisa Friend

6:00 p.m. PT / 9:00 p.m. ET | REGISTER

There’s one inevitable travel lesson you can choose to learn the easy way or the hard way: The first step to any great trip is packing light. Let tour guide and packing pro Lisa Friend show you how to pack for up to 40 days in just a carry-on bag. Lisa shares her favorite packing hacks, provides tips for different trip types, and even offers a live packing demonstration! Bring along your notebook and open your mind as Lisa guides you through the age-old Rick Steves’ Europe ritual of packing light and right.


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Accommodations Travel Skills in Europe and Beyond with Jennifer Flowers

This event was recorded on February 19, 2024.

From hostels and private rooms to grand hotels and more, travelers are flooded with a variety of sleeping options. On this Monday Night Travel, we welcome travel journalist Jennifer Flowers to share the latest trends in lodging and tackle questions on accommodations in Europe and beyond. Get ready for bountiful insider tips as we answer questions on how to successfully find and reserve the right place to sleep. So grab your notebooks and bring your queries as we explore how lodging can connect you with local culture and create a strong foundation for memorable travel experiences.


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