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Keeping Up with Rick

Much like Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees, Rick Steves stokes travel dreams. Here's a quick look at Rick's latest interviews, virtual talks, radio appearances, and more!

NPR's "How I Built This": How Rick Steves' Europe Came to Be

In this candid interview, Rick recounts his early adventures, the forging of his travel philosophy, and how he built his business from a pile of self-published books in the trunk of his car to a European travel empire.

Fund for Education Abroad: The Future of Travel

Rick believes the world would be a better place if every American traveled internationally and returned home with a broader perspective. In this hour-long conversation, Rick shares how young people (and the young at heart) can open themselves up to life-changing experiences in any destination.

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry: Travel as a Spiritual Act

In this dynamic conversation, Rick discusses how his religious experiences in Europe and beyond have shaped his worldview — and how travel, itself, can be a spiritual act.

Edmonds Beacon: Legalize It

As the newly elected board chair of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Rick continues to fight for common-sense drug policy reform. Find out why this issue is important to him in this interview with his hometown paper.