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Keeping Up with Rick

Follow along as Rick is interviewed by The New Yorker, hikes the Mont Blanc trail, slurps Washington State oysters, expresses his love for public radio, is satirized by McSweeney's, and more.

The New Yorker: Rick Steves Says Hold on to Your Travel Dreams

In this featured New Yorker interview, Rick and journalist Rachel Syme have a far-ranging conversation about Rick's childhood, the moment he became politicized, the evolution of his business, and his vision for mindful post-pandemic travel.

Boston Public Radio: Day Tripping with Rick Steves

Listen in as Rick shares his experience hiking on Mont Blanc and talks about what it was like to travel abroad during a pandemic.

McSweeney's: Rick Steves Casually Reviews Dangerous Fantasy Locations

From the Shire to Westeros and Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory to the Weasley family home, comedy writer Kurt Zemaitaitis recently imagined how Rick would cover dangerous fantasy locations.

Visit Bellingham: Rick Steves Explores Seaside Towns in Whatcom County

In this five-minute clip, Rick visits the extreme northwest corner of the continental United States, samples oysters fresh from Blaine Harbor, and learns about Peace Arch Historical State Park.

WEMU: Rick Steves Talks About His Radio Program

Listen in (or read the transcript) as Rick discusses his radio show Travel With Rick Steves and explains why he loves being a part of public radio.

Monday Night Travel: On the Hippie Trail Through Afghanistan and India, 1978

In this special edition of Monday Night Travel, Rick and Gene Openshaw headed back to 1978 and down the Hippie Trail. Swapping stories and photographs from the best trip of their lives, they looked back at an epic adventure that took them from Istanbul to Kathmandu, with lots of exciting stops along the way.