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Keeping Up with Rick

Let's go! Stow away with Rick on his spring trip to Europe as he shares Facebook dispatches from the road and joins a travel webinar from London. Then, take a virtual Monday Night Travel trip with him to Germany, and listen in as he looks back on his 1973 backpacking trip to Europe. Plus, watch as he explores travel as a means to getting closer to God — and join him as he celebrates the joy of senior travel.

Stow Away with Rick on Facebook

And he's off! Follow along on Facebook as Rick shares a series of posts documenting this spring's "Art of Europe" film shoot and guidebook research trip.

U.S. Bank: "Travel Is Freedom with Rick Steves"

In this hour-long webinar, Rick joins U.S. Bank's Beth Lawlor from London to discuss the perspective-broadening power of travel, his early days as a travel writer, and his latest trip to Europe.

Monday Night Travel: "Germany Favorites"

Planning a trip to Germany? Check out this Monday Night Travel recording as Rick rumbles through Berlin, rambles the ramparts of Rothenburg, cruises the harbor of Hamburg, clinks steins in Munich, and much more.

Travel with Rick Steves: "Summer of '73"

Listen in as Rick recalls his first unchaperoned backpacking trip to Europe, right out of high school, in the summer of 1973.

Notre Dame Alumni Association Signature Series: "Traveling on a Lenten Journey with Rick Steves"

In this 45-minute interview, Rick explores travel as a means of getting closer to God.

Brookdale Senior Living: "Travel in the Age of COVID-19"

Age only matters if you're a cheese! Hear from Rick about the joys of travel for older adults and how travel looks in the age of COVID-19.