Keeping Up with Rick

Raise your travel dreams to their upright and locked positions and stow away with Rick to Europe! From Milan to Munich and from Venice to Vienna, he's bursting with updates from 40 days in a dozen great cities — and you're invited to join the fun!

Rick Steves on Facebook

Follow along on Facebook as Rick shares daily dispatches from this spring's film shoot and guidebook research trip — including stories, tips, and travel updates from London, Paris, Athens, Milan, Florence, Venice, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Bruges, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

The New Yorker: "Rick Steves Takes Us on a Whirlwind Tour of Rue Cler"

After you check out Rick's Facebook page, be sure to head over to The New Yorker's page to join him for a walk down his favorite market street in Paris.

Travel + Leisure: "Rick Steves Just Told Us Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to Europe This Summer"

Just back from his guidebook research trip and filled with new insights, Rick shared summer travel tips in this interview with Travel + Leisure.

Monday Night Travel: "40 Days in 12 Cities: Rick's Spring 2022 Trip Report"

Let's go! In this Monday Night Travel recording, Rick distills six weeks of travel into 80 minutes. (Want to join live the next time Rick hosts MNT? Register now for his June 27 show — and travel virtually with him to Amster, amster, dam, dam, dam!)

Jefferson Public Radio: "Travel demand zooms, and Rick Steves is there to meet it"

Planning your own trip to Europe? Take 18 minutes and listen in as Rick shares a grab bag of fresh observations from his spring trip.

Rick on Boston Public Radio

Rick joins Jim Braude and Margery Eagan to share travel tips and tricks from his most recent tour through Europe, and how he plans to avoid flight disruptions.

Travel with Rick Steves: "Beer In Europe, Irreverent Curiosity"

A highlight of Rick's spring trip was enjoying a milkshake-y glass of St. Bernardus in Bruges — and on the latest episode of "Travel with Rick Steves," he invited a few of his friends to compare Europe's beer styles and the cultures that go with them. 

The Seattle Times: "Rick Steves – Outdoor adventure inside Bellingham city limits"

In the latest installment of the "Best of Bellingham and Whatcom County" with The Seattle Times, Rick ventures beyond Europe to his own backyard and takes a quick trip to the city of Bellingham — a playground for those who love the outdoors. (Missed Rick's earlier explorations in the northwesternmost corner of his home state of Washington? Get caught up here.)