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40 Days in 12 Cities: Rick’s Spring 2022 Trip Report

Enjoy Rick's live Monday Night Travel party with this video recorded on May 23, 2022. Experience the fun, conviviality, intimacy, and spontaneity of joining Rick in his living room as he shares his personal, inspirational, and sometimes hilarious behind-the-scenes commentary.

Just home from 40 days in a dozen of his favorite cities, he's excited to share his spring 2022 trip report. Using photos and impromptu videos he captured on the road, he'll give you a vivid and right-up-to-date look at London, Paris, Athens, Milan, Florence, Venice, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Bruges, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Plus, you'll get a special behind-the-scenes peek at the "Art of Europe" film shoot and his on-the-ground guidebook-research process. Raise your travel dreams to their upright and locked position, and don't miss this special opportunity to stow away with Rick!

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