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Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. Logo and Trademark Terms and Conditions

The logos available in this section of the Rick Steves website are intended for use by press agencies, journalists, public television and radio stations and hosts of Rick Steves' speaking events, in connection with broadcast media, newspaper, magazine, and trade publication articles, Rick Steves' Europe TV show and Travel with Rick Steves' radio show promotion, and speaking events which feature Rick Steves or his employees, or his company's products and services. Any other use of these logos and trademarks is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances may these logos and trademarks be used for any personal or commercial purposes.

Guidelines and Restrictions for Use

Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. logos and trademarks are important assets to the company. When using any logo or trademark you must agree to observe the following guidelines and restrictions:

  1. The logos and trademarks may only be used in close proximity to, or in connection with, a published article or broadcast news story about Rick Steves or his company, a specific Rick Steves product or service, or a Rick Steves speaking event.
  2. The logos or trademarks may not be copied or distributed apart from the applicable occurrence. You may not redistribute the logos or trademarks in hard copy or electronic form for others to use or copy.
  3. You may not modify the form, color or design of any logos. You may not tilt, stretch, or otherwise alter the shape of the logo. You may not modify the size and proportion of the Rick Steves' signature to the type below it. You may not cut off or cover up any portion of the logos. The logos must stand alone and should not be combined with any other logos, elements or designs.
  4. Please use the correct trademark symbol (® or ™ as applicable) immediately following the first or most prominent use of any logo or trademark.
I have read and agree to these guidelines.
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