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  • Rick recording in the studio, Edmonds, WA

GBH: “Day Tripping with Rick Steves”

Listen to Rick and Boston Public Radio (GBH) hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagan's new monthly segment, Day Tripping with Rick Steves. Hear how Rick's employing his "traveler's spirit" at home during the pandemic and his take on the future of European travel. Each interview is filled with fun, insights, and inspiration. Here's the full library of interviews.

Latest episode:

April 2021: Step Aside, Bellingham 'Hippies': Rick Steves Has A Marijuana Message For The Squares
Rick talks about "420" in popular culture, how he brings a European sensibility to discussions around marijuana legalization, and why the effort to legalize is about protecting civil liberties and fighting racism.

Plus, in honor of Earth Week, Rick discusses his self-imposed carbon tax, the Rick Steves' Europe Climate Smart Commitment. And, he shares details on an upcoming travel special that's good for the soul, where strangers are recognized as friends we've yet to meet.

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