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Explore Rick’s Central American travel journals and his 2008 Iran travel journal, as well as archived blogs from Rick’s daughter Jackie’s and son Andy’s travels in Europe, Morocco and South America. 

Banana-ology: Rick's visits to El Salvador and Nicaragua

Follow Rick Steves through the jungle of Central American politics. In 1988, 1991, 2005, and most recently in 2010, Rick and his fellow gringos hacked through the rhetoric of right- and left-wing politicians, broke bread with colonels, worshipped with radical priests, and slept in corrugated tin shacks with the poorest of the poor. From the U.S. Embassy to a resettlement camp in Contra country, from university professors to mothers of the disappeared, they waded the swamps of Developing World problems. These journals goes behind the numbers, the propaganda, and the news flashes to give you the next best thing to a firsthand experience. Dive headlong into El Salvador and Nicaragua — two war-torn countries in search of peace in the shadow of the United States.

Andy's, Jackie's, & Nicolina's Blogs

"I think one of the most gratifying things for me as both a dad and a travel teacher is to see our kids enjoying Europe sans parents. While our annual family vacations to Europe were often not the kids' first choice and I had no idea if they'd end up enjoying traveling, both Andy and Jackie have picked up the travel bug from their parents...a particularly virulent strain I might add." — Rick

Jackie & Andy Blog Southeast Asia: Jackie writes from Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia while Andy shares videos along the way (Summer 2015)

Jackie Blogs South America: Follow Jackie and Andy from Peru to Brazil (2010)

Jackie Blog's Spain: Jackie's Iberian adventures (Summer 2009)

Jackie Blogs Europe: Jackie's Summer 2008 Travel Blog

Jackie's Morocco Journal: Jackie's 2007 Morocco Trip

Andy Blogs Rome: Join Andy Steves on his semester abroad in Rome (2008)

Andy Blogs Europe: Andy's 2005 Travel Blog

Weekend Student Adventures: Andy's blog about student and budget travel.

Nicolina Art: Rick's niece, Nicolina travels often, spreading her art around the world.