Hotel Reservation Form

Before hoteliers can make your reservation, they want to know the information listed below. You can use this form as a basis for your email, which most hotels prefer these days, or you can print this page, fill in the information and send it as a fax.


To: (hotel)_________________________at (email/fax)______________________

From: ____________________________at (email/fax)______________________

Today's date: (day/month/year) ____/____/____

Dear Hotel___________________________________,

Please make this reservation for me:

Name: ___________________________________

Total # of people: ____    # of rooms: ____    # of nights: ____

Arriving: (day/month/year) ____/____/____

My time of arrival (24-hour clock): _______    (I will telephone if I will be late)

Departing: (day/month/year) ____/____/____

Room(s): Single ____    Double ____    Twin ____    Triple ____    Quad ____

With: Toilet ____    Shower ____    Bath ____    Sink only ____

Special needs: View ____   Quiet ____    Cheapest   ____  Ground Floor ____


Please email or fax confirmation of my reservation, along with the type of room reserved and the price. Please also inform me of your cancellation policy. After I hear from you, I will quickly send my credit-card information as a deposit to hold the room. Thank you.


Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: ____Zip Code: _________Country: _____________