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Rick Steves, his co-authors, ace tour guides, and staff members present weekly talks that are not just informative, but fun too! Learn more about each speaker's experience and qualifications below, or browse our class descriptions.



Growing up, Stefanie was fortunate to call many wonderful places home, including Hawaii, Germany, Greece, Israel, and South Korea. As an adult she returned to Europe to learn her mother's mother tongue (German). She spent six years in Germany altogether, living in München, taking language classes in Limburg and Wiesbaden, and studying in Schwäbisch Gmünd and Würzburg. After completing her degree in German Language & Literature, she planned to work on cruise ships for several months, which turned into seven years, allowing her to visit 70+ countries. She now loves sharing her passion for travel with others in her capacity as Travel Advisor and Tour Assistant at Rick Steves' Europe, and on her blog.


Sanford "Sandy" is an community activist, long-distance walker, and ordained minister from Seattle. After reading Paolo Coelho's The Pilgrimage, he planned his 2008 trek on the Camino de Santiago and since then has walked over 3,000 miles on pilgrim trails in Spain, France, Switzerland, and Italy. Sandy has a BA in medieval history, a Master of Divinity degree, and a doctorate in gender, sexuality, and spirituality. He is the author of the trekking guidebook The Way of St Francis: From Florence to Assisi and Rome (Cicerone Press, 2015), and another guidebook on the Camino de Santiago (Cicerone Press, 2020). He records his adventures at

Mary Ann

Since her first visit to Europe years ago, Mary Ann has developed an avid interest in traveling and the people of the world. She's been associated with Rick Steves' Europe since its early days in a variety of capacities, and currently focuses her attention on projects associated with the company's marketing initiatives. Mary Ann has been a Rick Steves' tour guide since 1998, accompanying travelers to many countries, including Turkey, Great Britain, Eastern Europe, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. Mary Ann and her travel partner/husband, Cliff, are proud parents of Ben, another Rick Steves guide, who spends a good portion of his year leading happy travelers throughout Europe.


Reid is a seasoned tour guide for Rick Steves. He has a background in history and education, having earned a BA and MA in history and a Washington state teaching certificate. His enthusiasm for travel was kindled by a year of study in Germany at age 20. Since then he has traveled extensively in Europe as well as Africa, Asia, and Central America. Reid considers travel to be much more than a recreational pursuit, but rather a life-changing experience. Travel has provided him a new and ever expanding frame of reference for understanding both foreign and American cultures and also for gauging his own values. The opportunity to impart his passions to others through guiding and speaking provides a great deal of personal fulfillment and pleasure.


Don's paternal grandparents were immigrants from Abruzzo, a region just east of Rome, and his passion for travel and history became evident as an elementary-school student, when he could be found poring over Roman history books at the local library. As a college student he spent an academic quarter in Switzerland and traveled extensively throughout Europe. His many European trips since then include a dozen visits to Rome, and he's also led tours in Asia and South America. By day a tax partner at a professional-services firm, Don nevertheless ends most days reading still more about European history, and looking forward to his next chance to share his fascination with connecting Rome's past and present.


Since his first three-month backpacking trip through Europe in 1998, Rich has kept right on traveling. He returns to Europe each summer, updating Rick's guidebooks, working as an assistant tour guide, leading My Way Italy tours, and exploring on his own, adding to his ever-expanding travel resume. Since his initial trip, he has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Latin America. He has lived and studied in Costa Rica and Ecuador, and has degrees in both Spanish and Latin American studies. When he's not traveling, Rich works in the Consulting Department at Rick Steves' Europe, helping travelers plan their own trips.


The aptly named Lisa first traveled to Europe to visit with friends in a small town in northern Germany. Diving right into the culture with home-stays and visiting real "Back Door" towns, Lisa fell in love with the rhythm of European life: shopping in outdoor markets, talking about current events in cafés, and celebrating the seasons with spring and harvest festivals. Lisa spends several months every year in Europe both traveling solo and guiding our Best of Europe tours. Traveling to Europe almost annually for the last 10 years, Lisa enjoys sharing her love of Europe and the Rick Steves philosophy of traveling as a "temporary European" with both tour members and the independent travelers who take her popular "Women Traveling Solo" class.


Sureyya is from coastal Turkey, in a spot near the Syrian border. She has teaching in her blood and a degree that she's kept in her closet for decades. A business owner (Café Turko, in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle) since 1991, she also works for interfaith organizations, community support groups, and world peace. She believes that in today's global work environment, we need to build cross-cultural communication skills and see diversity as a strength in our community. She loves to talk about cultural differences and the needs of minorities, which are very important in understanding each other. She loves teaching her native language to travelers venturing to Turkey and introducing them to Turkish culture through talks at Rick Steves' Europe.


John is a photographer who specializes in travel, landscape, and nature photography as well as photographic instruction. With a degree in photojournalism, travels and adventures on all 7 continents, and 25 years behind the lens, John has a long list of unique field experiences. His photographic style could be described as clean, bold, and colorful. As an instructor he brings a unique way of illustrating and explaining photography.


As a young lad, Tom followed the lead of one of his literary idols (James Joyce) and spent a year in Europe teaching in Berlitz Language Schools in London and Germany. Later, his wife Julie followed the lead of one of her culinary idols (Julia Child) and studied at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris. Tom tagged along and was a conversation coach at an all-boys high school in Montparnasse. During his many years of travel, Tom has visited more than 15 countries in Europe (including two that don't exist anymore). 


Cameron grew up listening to the Polish nursery rhymes of his grandfather, Jan Pawel Dabrowski. Twenty years later, he took a trip to Eastern Europe — and he was hooked. Today Cameron is the co-author of several Rick Steves guidebooks, and has researched and written about dozens of other European destinations. He has also led Rick Steves tours to the Best of Eastern Europe and the Best of the Adriatic. When he's not traveling, Cameron is a writer at Rick Steves' Europe.


Dave's user-friendly maps in Rick Steves' guidebooks have led hundreds of thousands of travelers through Europe's most popular destinations. He spent many years in the Consulting Department at Rick Steves' Europe, teaching thousands of customers how to save time and money on their trips to Europe. He is one of Rick Steves' most seasoned tour guides, with 20 years of experience leading tours through virtually every country in Europe. When he's not mapping or guiding, he loves to explore Europe with his Danish wife, Jane, a former Rick Steves tour guide.


Michaelanne has lived and studied in Provence and Brittany, and works as a Rick Steves tour guide. She spens two months a year in France, falling in love all over again with the French language and lifestyle…the formality, the food, and the savor-the-moment pace of life.


Silvie was born in Prague and lived in the Czech Republic until the age of 18; she has been living in Seattle and teaching Czech since 1999. She lived in London for 12 months and in Israel for 15 months. Silvie's enthusiasm for travel has taken her to most European countries as well as the Middle East, the source of her most enriching and eye-opening experiences. Aside from providing individual instruction to private students, she teaches at the University of Washington Experimental College and Seattle Central Community College, and offers Beginning Czech for Travelers at Rick Steves' Europe. Teaching is her passion and she loves to share her knowledge of her first language.


Heather first traveled to Europe over 20 years ago as a graduation present from her parents. While she resisted the idea at first, the trip turned into a life-changing experience. She has since returned to Europe at every opportunity, including studying and living in London. Today, she works as a graphic design production assistant and tour assistant at Rick Steves' Europe. Outside of work, Heather can be found cooking, hunting for the next great meal, playing with her iPad, or printing on a vintage letterpress in Seattle.


Joyce is a global volunteer and the award-winning author of Smiling at the World: A Woman's Yearlong Quest for Adventure and Love, which won top honors in travel by USA Book News. Her second book, On the Road to Volunteering, is in CD format and contains hundreds of various projects from around the globe that accept volunteers. Joyce has volunteered with lions, kangaroos, baboons, monkeys, and elephants. She has taught English in China, Ukraine, Guatemala, and Spain and volunteered on archeology, restoration, sustainability, and conservation projects around the world. When she's not out volunteering, she teaches classes on Inexpensive Global Volunteering at Rick Steves' Europe, the University of Washington Experimental College, and Bellevue, Seattle, and North Seattle Community Colleges. She loves inspiring people to go out and see the world as a voluntourist!


Michelle was born and raised in Lyon, France. She has enjoyed sharing her heritage by teaching French language classes for several years. Additionally, she leads a weekly French conversation class in Edmonds, Washington. Her travels have included Greece, China, Russia, Morocco, and every corner of France. Her latest passion is the Edmonds Pétanque Club, which she helped established in 2011.


Lauren, a map editor and guidebook researcher at Rick Steves, was an ardent Anglophile even before bringing home her English husband as a souvenir in 2000. She first visited London in 1988 and fondly remembers the days of paying £5 a night for a hostel bunk. Since then, she has been to London and other British destinations nearly every year and still has a long "bucket list," only some of which involve chocolate and secondhand bookshops. In addition to her time in Great Britain, Lauren has studied at the University of Oslo and traveled throughout Europe — mostly around the edges. When not traveling, Lauren and her husband live in north Seattle with their tortoiseshell cat Annabel.


Sarah began her life-long love of travel in Europe at 10 years old while visiting family in England and Ireland. Since then, she has avidly studied history, art, and architecture, which includes studying in Rome while in college. Trained as an architect, she abandoned her drafting board in 2000 and began working for Rick Steves guiding tours and researching guidebooks. She currently spends two months a year leading Best of Europe and Italy tours. Usually, she tries to squeeze in a stop-over in Great Britain for some quality (tea) time in her father's homeland. When Sarah isn't painting, savoring wine, and giving tours of great architecture, she lives in Seattle with her husband and two sons.


Pat took his first trip to Europe in 1981 using Rick Steves' first edition of Europe Through the Back Door. He's been hooked on travel ever since. After several return trips studying and backpacking in Europe, Pat joined the Rick Steves staff in 1997. He leads tours annually in Germany/Austria/Switzerland as well as in Ireland, where he teams up each year with Rick Steves to co-author the Rick Steves Ireland guidebook. When not on the road, Pat can usually be found assisting travel dreamers as a consultant at the Rick Steves Travel Center in Edmonds.


Gene is the co-author of more than a dozen "Rick Steves" books, and contributes to Rick's PBS TV shows. Gene's specialty is writing the walking tours of Europe's neighborhoods and museums. He is also the co-author, along with Rick, of Europe 101: History and Art for the Traveler. Gene's passion for Europe and his ability to bring art and history alive are well known by those who have used his books or attended his lectures.


Graziella, born and raised in Italy, came to the US in 1977. She has taught Italian classes for over 10 years and has traveled extensively within North America, Italy, and other European countries. She is the mom and step mom of six grown children and four grandchildren, enjoys her four dogs, and also volunteers at music competitions for young people.


Joan popular "Packing Light & Right" class always packs 'em in. She teaches from experience, personally testing the best ways to look sharp and feel light on her feet from here to Europe and back again — all while living out of a single carry-on bag! Take Joan's class and you'll come away a believer. She has also designed travel clothing, guided tours in Italy, and lived for a while in France. When her bag is unpacked, Joan helps handle Human Resources for Rick Steves…and cooks up a mean shrimp creole.


Upon first experiencing the wonders of Europe's history, art, and culture on a summer trip after her first year of college, Colleen was hooked. Her travels around Europe, and other parts the world, continued throughout college, shaping her area of study. After earning a master's degree in intercultural communication, Colleen decided to turn her travel obsession into a travel career, and convinced Rick to hire her. Today Colleen leads our Europe and Italy tours, guiding about 10 weeks a year. When she's not leading tours she assists on various projects in the Rick Steves office, and enjoys her time at home with her husband and two daughters.


Steve is best known as Rick's France tour guide in several episodes of Rick Steves' Europe on public television, and as the co-author of Rick's France guidebooks. Steve has retired from managing Rick's Tour Planning and Guide Services departments, but still spends his summers researching and updating guidebooks, mostly in France. His love for the farmhouse he and his wife renovated in Burgundy — where he lived for several years — is rivaled only by his passion for Volkswagen Westphalia campers.


A childhood of experiencing the Pacific Northwest from the back of a station wagon, admiring walls dripping with exotic-looking pictures (which turned out to be places like the Roman Forum and Venice), and hearing tales of belly dancers and dirt-floor huts was all it took to ignite Robyn's passion for worldwide adventures. After trips through Europe, Peru, southern Africa, and Thailand, there's one thing Robyn has learned: The best travel experiences are the ones you never plan for. Between journeys, Robyn manages several tour programs, helps research Rick's guidebooks, and leads tours in Europe.


In 2005, Andy went on his first independent European adventure and it opened up a whole new continent to him. Later, after a prodigious semester abroad, Andy started his own weekend tour business in Europe. He is now the Founder & Chief Backpacker at Weekend Student Adventures, a top-rated tour operator and extensive online resource for budget travelers in Europe who want real, practical information on how to travel well, affordably, and efficiently throughout the continent.


Gretchen didn't ease into travel — her first overseas trip was a year long, spent studying philosophy in St. Andrews, Scotland, and taking in as much of Europe as she could. It wasn't enough — a few years later she moved to southern Germany, where she stayed for three years. So far, she's traveled to 27 European countries, mostly on her own. She's now the online-content editor at Rick Steves and travels to Europe each year, updating guidebooks, helping out on tours, and doing her part for the European gelato industry.


Tara, one of Rick's Germany, Austria & Switzerland tour guides, also has an interesting "day job" as the Guide Services Specialist for Rick Steves Tours. During her senior year at the University of Wisconsin, her sociology professor (also head of the semester abroad program) prompted her to travel overseas after Tara's response was "Why would I leave Wisconsin?" Her travel life since has been shaped by years of living in Bavaria, a love for speeding on the autobahn, a brush with the IRA, being photographed with large portions of Black Forest cake, a great empathy for first-time travelers, and meeting her husband in Germany. In spite of all this, when not talking tours or traveling, Tara's world actually revolves around her two young daughters and shaping their path in future travels and schnitzel.


In Laura's solo travels, she has ridden the rails and buses of 19 countries and has driven 23,000 kilometers across 13 countries, amassing an impressive collection of ticket stubs and gasoline receipts. Laura manages Rick's consulting department when she's stateside, and leads some of Rick's My Way tours. Year-round, she stays on top of a mountain of always-changing train-travel minutia to ensure that Rick Steves' Europe remains every traveler's best resource for accurate, unbiased information and advice on riding Europe's railways. Laura always enjoys visiting new places and fondly remembers her six months living in Fes, Morocco.


Over the past 15 years Heidi has worked as a tour guide on each of Rick's Italy itineraries, researched his Italy guidebooks, and, in the off-season, been a part of — and now manages — the Tour Sales department at Rick Steves' Europe. Heidi lived in Italy for two years, attending local schools in both Siena and a village near Milan. During school breaks there, she traveled extensively throughout the country, learning first-hand the travel skills and money-saving tips that she now shares with her fellow travelers. She speaks fluent Italian, can roll her own pasta, and drives like a native Italian.


Andrew has European travel at his core, though his heart belongs to France (and his wife). Two exchanges in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille weren't enough. So, he went back to live and study in Brittany. Outside of personal travel, he returns to Europe regularly to lead Rick Steves' My Way tours. For classes, he has much to share across a variety of topics to help you have a better travel experience. As for his regular occupation, you already know his work as you are looking at it right now. Andrew is the webmaster for


Inspired by his remarkable high school German teacher, Kevin caught the travel bug, saved his money, and left for Europe three days after graduation. Kevin's European adventures led to a year of studies in England and more exploration. After his university graduation, he was inspired to expand his travel lust to China, where he taught English as a second language for two years in Nanjing. Kevin has traveled much of the world since including Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, and Australia. He has slept in all kinds of accommodations ranging from a five-star hotel to a tiny European couch. These days he enjoys his work as a travel advisor, guidebook researcher, and tour assistant at Rick Steves' Europe, and hopes to inspire people to travel.