Art of Europe: Renaissance Connections with Rick Steves and Gene Openshaw

Enjoy our live Monday Night Travel party with this video recorded on October 24, 2022. 

Rick's exciting new miniseries, Rick Steves Art of Europe, is airing now on public television across the US…but only on Monday Night Travel can you experience an intimate tour with its writers. Join Rick and his lead writer and old friend Gene Openshaw (last seen by MNT audiences wandering down the Hippie Trail) as they pinball through art history. With Rick and Gene by our side, we gaze into the eyes of David, see how the dynamic Renaissance both revived the past and inspired the future, and hear the thrilling tale of how it all culminated in the greatest achievement in the history of art — Rick's new TV show!

Read Gene's new book, Michelangelo at Midlife: Chasing the Tomb of Julius II (released November, 2023).

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