Florence with Rick Steves

Enjoy our live Monday Night Travel party with this video recorded on March 13, 2023.

Florence is the city that pulled Europe out of the Middle Ages and into the modern world. Join Rick as he reviews the highlights and uncovers the secrets of the city that kicked off the Renaissance. With the statues of Michelangelo, the dome of Brunelleschi, the gelato of your dreams, and artisans busy at work just across the Arno River, Florence is a festival of travel thrills. After two visits to Florence in 2021, many unforgettable meals there, and researching both his "Art of Europe" TV series and his new Italy for Food Lovers book, Rick will have much to share including where to find the city's great art, which Tuscan dishes to indulge in, and how the pandemic impacted the city you'll experience today.

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